Buying a car Buying vs leasing

  • Buying or leasing a car: which is cheaper?
  • Could leasing a car save you money?
  • How to lease a car
  • How to compare costs of leasing vs buying a car
  • Potential pitfalls of leasing

What's in this guide

  1. How leasing a car works

    Find out more about how leasing works, and see if you could save cash by leasing a car.

  2. Buy or lease?

    We do the sums for some popular new cars to see if they are cheaper to buy or lease.

  3. Comparing leasing and buying costs

    How we calculated the costs of leasing and buying and figured out resale values.

  4. Potential leasing problems

    Important things to think about if you're considering leasing a car.

  5. Leasing a battery for an electric car

    Renault is the first carmaker to lease out the batteries for its electric cars.

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