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Car Range Comparison tool

Compare car prices and ratings side-by-side

Which? Car comparison tools

Buying a new or used car can be confusing. There are hundreds of different models to choose from, plus countless engine and specification options. So where do you start?

The Which? Car comparison tools help you find the right car for you. They are free to use for Which? members, or non-members can sign up for a trial to Which? for £1.

There are two different types of comparison tool on our site: Range Comparison and Model Finder comparison.

To start with, our Range Comparison tool allows you compare car ranges (the Ford Focus versus the Vauxhall Astra and Volkswagen Golf, for example), with prices, running costs, and test ratings for each car displayed side-by-side. You can compare both new and second-hand cars – and up to 10 different ranges at once.

When you’ve chosen a car, our Model Finder offers at-a-glance info about the different models in that range. So you can find the most powerful or most efficient engine, or see which models have air conditioning as standard.

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Click the Which? Car homepage here for the Range Comparison tool

Not sure which car to buy? Access our Range Comparison tool via the Which? Car homepage; the link is around half-way down on the right-hand side (‘More than one car in mind?’). 

Car range comparison

Which? Car tests are different. While most other car websites simply drive a car for a couple of hours and then write a subjective review, we put every car through extensive road and lab tests to bring you our unbiased, definitive verdict.

The results of our tests are translated into star ratings out of five, which cover everything from ride quality to boot and storage. By allowing you to see back-to-back star ratings for a selection of cars at once, our Range Comparison tool could help you find a smooth-riding saloon, or an estate car with a big boot.

There are also safety scores from Euro NCAP crash tests, plus security ratings from Thatcham – used for guidance by the insurance industry.

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Click on this tab within a car review to access the Model Finder

Finally, the tool provides price information for both new and used versions of each car (where applicable), plus predicted running costs over a typical three-year/36,000-mile ownership period. Prices come directly from CAP – the market-leading provider of vehicle data – so they are always bang up-to-date.

Visit the Which? Car homepage, select the Range Comparison tool and then simply choose the cars you're interested in from the drop-down menu in the top-left corner of the screen. Once you’ve picked a favourite, click on the name of the car (beneath the photo at the top) to access the individual range review.

Now you’re ready to see more details of your chosen car, and find the exact model to suit your needs and budget…

Car Model Finder

The car Model Finder allows you to bypass brochure-bumpf and salesman-speak. It presents the essential facts about each car within a range so you can make an informed decision before you buy.

The easiest way to access the Model Finder is via the tab on the right-hand side of each car review (below the overall star ratings and next to the Which? Car Survey Results tab). Alternatively, it is available via the box half-way down the review front page on the right-hand side.

Enter the Model Finder and you will be presented with easy-to-digest data about each car, including new and used prices, and key items of standard equipment like leather seats and sat nav.

Car Model Finder

Choose the right engine and spec for you

The coloured bar graphs allow you to compare headline figures for each model: power output in brake horsepower (bhp), 0-62mph acceleration time, eco-friendliness (CO2 emissions, which have a direct bearing on car tax) and average fuel economy.

You can sort the cars by fuel type (petrol or diesel), transmission (manual or automatic) and key features you require (e.g. folding rear seats) via the Model Finder box near the top of the screen.

For a more specific search, use the drop-down menu immediately below this to sort according to a variety of factors including price, power, fuel economy and age.

Once you’ve drilled-down to a few individual models, you can click the ‘Compare this model’ link beneath the bar graphs to see them side-by-side on the Model Comparison page. Here you’ll find exact details of dimensions, equipment, option costs and other in-depth car-buying information.

There’s also a ‘View Full Spec' link for each model, which includes more running costs data, such as resale values at yearly intervals, insurance group and car tax band.

The Which? Car comparison tools provide you with all the information you need to buy a new or used car. They could save you a lot of time and money, so start with the the Range Comparison Tool now. Or, if you’re not a member, sign up to Which? for £1 today.