Energy monitor user reviews Current Cost Envi

The Salters

The Salters

We sent the Current Cost Envi energy monitor to Susannah Salter in Derbyshire, who found it a useful reminder to make the most of her Economy 7 tariff.

Susannah and her husband were already doing quite a lot to save energy before using the energy monitor, but Susannah was still surprised to see how much electricity certain appliances in her home – such as the TV and washing machine - were using.

She said: ‘The energy monitor was really good at prompting us to wonder what was making our usage go up at certain times. Because my husband is a bit of an enthusiast for audio visual stuff and computers, there are humming boxes all around the house.

‘Using the energy monitor I’ve been able to find out more about what my family has got plugged in and ask questions about whether it really needs to be on.’

Susannah was disappointed to find that the Envi didn’t allow her to enter the two rates from her Economy 7 tariff (which charges different prices for electricity at different times of the day) so the costs were not really representative.

However, she noted that just having the energy monitor on the kitchen table served as a visual reminder to make use of their Economy 7 tariff and set their large appliances like the dishwasher to run overnight when their electricity is cheaper.

The Salters found the monitor tricky to set up (because there were more wires coming out of their electricity meter that the instructions suggested) and overall Susannah said she probably wouldn’t buy this energy monitor for herself, but would recommend that her friends try one.

We’ve now tested the updated version of this energy monitor - the EnviR (which is compatible with dual-rate tariffs like Economy 7) – see how it fared in our tough lab tests by checking out the full Current Cost EnviR review.

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