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Updated: 7 Jan 2022

Northern Ireland electricity and gas

Find the best Northern Ireland electricity and gas energy firm for you, based on the opinions of hundreds of Northern Ireland electricity and gas customers.
Sarah Ingrams
Northern Ireland energy suppliers

Our annual energy companies survey brings you results for six of the seven Northern Ireland electricity and gas suppliers. 

Scroll down to find out what customers of Budget Energy, Electric Ireland, Firmus Energy, Power NI and SSE Airtricity electricity and gas really think of their energy company, and use our results to find the best energy company for your home.

Firmus Energy achieved the highest customer score this year, though there was little to differentiate between firms' scores.

The biggest electricity firm, Power NI ranks second. It supplies around 56% of electricity customers in Northern Ireland. SSE Airtricity is the second-biggest electricity supplier, but is the lowest-ranked company in our table – so is it time to switch for a better service?

Keep reading to find out how your energy company compares and see detailed reviews of each firm. Or head straight to our in-depth review of top-ranked Firmus Energy.

Best and worst Northern Ireland electricity and gas companies

We asked 630 Northern Ireland energy customers to rate their electricity and gas suppliers on their customer service, complaints handling, billing and whether they feel it’s value for money.

The full results are in the table below. Click each company’s name to read our detailed expert review.

Northern Ireland energy companies rated
PositionCompanyBill accuracyBill clarityCustomer serviceDealing with complaintsValue for moneyCustomer score
1Firmus Energy 
2Power NI 
3SSE Airtricity Gas
4Electric Ireland
5=Budget Energy
5=SSE Airtricity Electricity


Table notes
The customer score combines customers’ overall satisfaction with their likelihood to recommend, and is not directly linked to the star ratings.
Overall average customer score: 65%.
Sample sizes: Electric Ireland (76), Budget Energy (49), Power NI (190), SSE Airtricity Gas (109), Firmus Energy (72), SSE Airtricity Electricity (110). 

Survey: September 2020.

Using the Which? Northern Ireland energy survey results

Energy companies are ranked in the table above based on their customer score. This is made up of customers’ responses when we asked them how satisfied they were overall with their provider and if they would recommend it to a friend.

We've also revealed how the companies scored on specific criteria. So if great customer service or clear bills are most important to you, compare each company’s star ratings for these.

Or if getting the cheapest deal is your priority, see what other customers think of a firm’s value for money – and make sure you check its latest prices, too. You can use the Northern Ireland Consumer Council’s website to compare energy prices, and go direct to the energy company’s website to switch.

Firmus energy

Firmus Energy

Firmus Energy has knocked Budget Energy and Electric Ireland off the top spot this year, to be crowned the best energy firm in Northern Ireland. It scored four stars for bill accuracy and three stars for all the other areas we asked about.

Previous champ, Electric Ireland sits just below Firmus in second place, but its cowinner Budget Energy has dropped right to the bottom of the table, alongside SSE Airtricity Electricity. This will be the third year running SSE Electricity has finished in last place. 

However, there are only six percentage points between the firms at the top and bottom of the table. This indicates that customers find little difference between firms overall.

Click Energy doesn’t feature in our results table this year because we didn’t receive enough responses from its customers to give it a score.

Bright Energy

Northern Ireland's newest energy supplier, Bright Energy sells one variable tariff and no fixed contracts. 

It says this means that it's fair for everyone and customers know they're always paying its best price. 

Customers can pay by standard credit or keypad meter. The minimum top-up amount is £5. You'll be asked for a £125 security deposit if you don't pay by direct debit or prepay.

You can manage payments, send meter readings and get energy saving advice using its app.

Bright Energy does not have a customer score as it launched in Norther Ireland since our latest survey. 

Click Energy

Launched in 2015, Click Energy claims to be Northern Ireland’s friendliest and most transparent electricity company, and provide low cost electricity.

It supplies around 4% (or 30,000) of customers. Most pay via keypad (prepayment) meter, though you can pay by monthly direct debit, too.

Along with the typical tariffs most suppliers offer, Click Energy has a rural saver tariff that is said to be designed for the Northern Ireland farmer.  

Keypad customers can top up as little as £5. Pay-monthly customers can choose to pay a fixed monthly direct debit or a direct debit that varies, depending on use.  

It also offers a Clickbacks loyalty scheme, which gives customers discounts from brands and retailers. It’s only for Click Energy customers, so you will lose your discounts if you switch supplier.

Click Energy does not have a customer score as we received too few responses about it in our survey.

Northern Ireland electricity and gas market

The regulated market in Northern Ireland provides consumers with relatively stable prices while giving them a small level of competition. Electricity prices are among the lowest in Europe, and cheaper than in the Republic of Ireland, according to the Northern Ireland Utility Regulator.

Since the first competing supplier joined the domestic electricity market in 2010, five suppliers have challenged the incumbent Power NI and, collectively, these challengers now have just over 40% of customers. The biggest of these is SSE Airtricity Electricity. Four of these are currently selling electricity; Open Electric went bust in 2017.

Many households in Northern Ireland don’t have mains gas. The Northern Ireland Utility Regulator plans that 60% of homes and businesses will have gas by 2022 but, at the moment, there are only two domestic gas suppliers to choose from: Firmus Energy and SSE Airtricity Gas.

Customers in Greater Belfast can choose between the two, while customers in the Ten Towns area only have the option of Firmus Energy. In the West area, only around 500 households have a gas connection, though more customers are set to be connected.

Customers in Northern Ireland are more likely to have a prepayment or keypad meter than customers in Great Britain: 45% of you do (according to the Utility Regulator), compared with 16% of GB customers.

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Switching electricity supplier in Northern Ireland

Our survey found that the number of people switching in Northern Ireland is lower compared with the rest of the UK, although switching is on the increase.

One in five respondents in Northern Ireland who haven’t switched say they think all suppliers are the same and so there's no point in switching. But as our survey reveals, there are slight differences in customer scores across the firms included in our survey. 

But no supplier earned the full five stars from its customers on any aspect of service. The best energy brands in Great Britain earned five stars on several measures – should you be expecting more from your supplier?