Energy monitor user reviews Eco-Eye Elite

Catherine Scott

Catherine Scott

Catherine Scott from the Wirral says the Eco-eye Elite has helped her and her family change their habits to use less electricity.

She said: ‘The instructions were easy to follow and it only took around 15 minutes to set up – I thought it would take longer. The quick reference guide - which explains what the monitor is showing - helped simplify things and meant we didn’t have to wade through the instructions once it was set up’

Catherine found the main advantage of having the energy monitor was that it helped her family work out what usage levels are normal and see how their actions affect their electricity usage. It also drew attention to surges in energy.

She said: ‘I was surprised to see just how much electricity the toaster, dishwasher and kettle use – I try not to boil the kettle more than once now.’

The Scott children (aged four and six) already knew about energy monitors as they had been studying them at school, and they found this monitor easy to understand.

Catherine said that previously the children would put the TV/lights on and then leave the room but the energy monitor has helped her show them how much electricity this uses.

Aesthetics-wise, Catherine felt the energy monitor was fine for keeping in the kitchen, but she probably wouldn’t put it on show in the lounge. She added that when the family buys new appliances in the future, she’ll be making sure they are efficient.

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