Energy monitor user reviews Owl CM119


The Magills

We sent the OWL CM119 to Shaun Magill in Northern Ireland, who thought it was a ‘cool gimmick’.

He said it’s mainly easy to set up, but attaching the sensor/clamp was a little tricky because there were more wires coming out of his electricity meter than the instructions suggested.

Shaun says it was quite interesting to see how much electricity different appliances used and said his wife Jenifer joked that she was never going to make another cup of tea, or ever use the vacuum again!

He mainly used the monitor to show his usage in kWh as he felt the costs weren’t that helpful. He said: ‘The fact you’re running at 3p or 30p an hour doesn’t actually mean a hell of a lot – because it depends how long you are using appliances for. You might be running something at 30p an hour for three minutes or 3p an hour for 30 minutes – and your actual usage figure would be the same.’

Shaun noted that the decimal point wasn’t that clear on the display, and it moved around depending on how big the usage figure was, which made it difficult to read sometimes.

While the Magills found the energy monitor really interesting at first, Shaun says it’s become a bit like a clock on the wall now which they just glance up at every now and then to check how much electricity they are using.

However, he added that he would like to look into the cumulative figures offered by the energy monitor to see how they relate to his actual bills.

Overall, he doesn’t think the energy monitor has changed his family’s behaviour dramatically, but it has prompted him to look into buying a new energy-efficient tumble dryer.

We’ve now tested the updated version of the CM119 – the new CM160 which includes new feature such as download capability and compatibility with Economy 7 tariffs. See how it fared in our full OWL CM160 review.

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