Energy monitor user reviews Owl Micro CM130

Steve Webb and an energy monitor

Steve Webb from Reading tried out the Owl Micro CM130 energy monitor and was very impressed with it.

Steve said: ‘I was dubious at first but once it was set up I just couldn’t stop looking at it. It’s on a side unit, so is always visible and every time I walk past it I just look around the house and think – well that doesn’t need to be on.

‘It’s wireless, which is a fantastic thing – you don’t need it plugged in so there’s no ugly wires hanging around and you can put it anywhere you like. Plus, we use it as a game with the kids – when they see there’s a high number on the monitor, it’s a challenge for them to find something that can be turned off.’

Steve was surprised to see just how much electricity some of the appliances in his home were using. He said: ‘What surprised me is how much energy you use with the tumble dryer. When I put it on the energy monitor reading goes up to 30p an hour at least. And when the dishwasher’s going as well it just goes mad.’

The Owl Micro doesn’t offer historical data but it’s a constant visual reminder which Steve says has changed his behaviour permanently.

‘Since I’ve had the monitor I’ve been going round every night turning off the dishwasher, the tumble dryer and the washing machine. It’s taught me to do these things to save energy but I’m sure I’d keep doing these things now even if the monitor wasn’t there.’

Overall, Steve told us he thinks an energy monitor is a ‘brilliant tool’ and ‘every household should have one’. This exact monitor is no longer available from Owl, however we have tested three of Owl’s latest models and you can see how they perform by looking at our energy monitor reviews.

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