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Apps for pregnancy, parents and kids

Pregnancy apps

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Pregnancy apps

Which pregnancy apps are worth downloading? We asked mums-to-be to help us find out.


With these pregnancy apps you can track your baby's development, understand the changes to your body and prepare for labour.


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Period Tracker - free

It's not strictly a pregnancy app but, if you're trying to conceive, this app will help you track when your periods are, keep note of your moods and see when you're most fertile. We like the attractive format and the cute pictures that represent symptoms, such as cakes to show how bloated you are. We also found it easy to use. 

My Pregnancy Today - free

The best feature of this app is the videos on your baby's development, accompanied by information specific to each week. There is also a useful checklist on what to note and remember at different stages. But it does include possibly a bit too much information, making it tricky to scroll through, and resulting in the app having a huge file size.

I'm Expecting - free

The calendar in this app allows you to note down symptoms, weight-gain information and appointments. It also includes weekly updates that are easy to flick through and add to the calendar. But one downside is the Americanised nature of the app, which may put some parents off.

What to Expect Pregnancy Tracker - free

You can see tips and advice ordered by day or week, plus you can upload your pictures to keep a record of how your body changes during your pregnancy. You also get access to a community of mums through forums, but be aware that the app is American, so much of the information and groups originate from there. 

Baby Bump - free

Containing a lot of information, this app is easy to flick through and allows you to add pictures of your bump as it grows. You also have access to forums (although these are a little Americanised) and photo sharing. Some features, such as the photo journal, encourage you to sign up to the paid-for version (around £1.89). This will give you access to baby names, a contraction counter and baby-kicking monitor, so a good option if you want these features. 

WomanLog Pregnancy - free

Like the I'm Expecting app, this has a calendar to record your symptoms and weight, but not appointments. However, if you upgrade to the Pro version (around £1.90), you can add appointments as well as monitoring your baby's kicks and your contractions, and getting baby name ideas, all of which we think are worth upgrading for. Just try out the free version for a week or two first to see if you like it before paying. 

It also has daily facts, although these were harder to view than those on the I'm Expecting app, but the additional weight-gain chart is visually helpful.

Baby Name Generator - free 

One of the only baby-name apps we've found which is UK based,  this app lets you keep generating ideas again and again using the sex of your baby and your last name. 

However, it doesn't give you background information on the origin of the name or its popularity, like another couple of apps we found - Baby Names and 5000 Baby Names (both free). These apps are American, though, so popularity results won't be accurate for a UK audience.

Contraction Timer Lite - free

If you don't want to have to think about remembering when your last contraction was - or how long it lasted - in order to monitor the progress of your labour, this handy app can help.

It's worth noting that the paid-for version (around 70p) doesn't give you any more features, it just removes the ads on the 'lite' version. Also, this contraction-timer feature is also found on the paid-for version of the Baby Bump app (around £1.89), and the WomanLog Pregnancy Pro app (around £1.90).

All these apps are available both for iPhone (from the iTunes store), and Android smartphones (from the Google Play store).

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