TV over broadband

Catch up TV

  • Watch the latest TV shows using BBC iPlayer and other online TV services
  • We show you how you can watch TV online with broadband internet
  • Discover online TV services offered by broadcasters including BBC, Sky, ITV, Five and Channel 4

What's in this guide

Watch online TV

How you can watch your favourite TV shows using online TV services such as the BBC's iPlayer.

BBC iPlayer

You can use the BBC's iPlayer online TV service to download TV shows or watch TV online.

ITV Player

How to use ITV Player to stream or download TV programmes via your computer, television, tablet, iPad, phone and other ways to catch up and watch ITV shows.

Channel 4 on Demand

Get the lowdown on free programmes from Channel 4's 4oD online TV service.

Demand 5

Buy, watch or rent popular TV shows from Channel 5 using the Demand Five online TV service.

Sky Go

Watch digital satellite TV – even if you're not a Sky subscriber – using the Sky Go online TV service.