Printers: How to buy the best printer

  • We explain the different types of printer
  • The features to look for to suit your needs
  • The best printers to produce photographs at home
  • Why a cheap printer won't necessarily save you money

What's in this guide

Choosing the best printer

How to choose the best printer from inkjet, all-in-one printers, laser printers and photo printers. 

Buying the best inkjet printer

Find out how standalone printers compare to all-in-ones and what to look for in an inkjet printer.

Buying the best laser printer

Find out when a laser printer is likely to be a better option than an inkjet printer.

Buying the best all-in-one printer

What to look for if you want a printer that covers all the bases well.

Buying the best wireless printer

Want to print from your PC, laptop, smartphone and tablet? Go for a wireless printer.

Buying the best A3 printer

Want to print bigger than A4? Find out what to look for to get the best A3 printer for you.

Buying the best photo printer

We reveal which features you should look for when choosing the best photo printer.

Buying the best home office printer

A good printer can streamline your home office and help get everyday tasks done quickly.