Best printer brands Should I buy a Kodak printer?


Kodak was a huge company in the film, camera and printer arena, but has lost its direction with the arrival of digital photography – but are its printers still worth focussing on? 

Kodak printers are largely unavailable now, although you may be able to find models in some stores. 

For current Kodak printer owners, Kodak ink is still widely available in stores, so if you already own a Kodak printer you won't be left high and dry.

Kodak printers use combined colour cartridges - all of the colours are in one cartridges, when one runs out you also replace the other two. This may sound wasteful, but Kodak printers generally produced fairly low ink running costs in our tests. 

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Kodak Hero 5.1

Kodak's Hero 5.1 printer

Kodak ranges

Kodak has pulled the plug on its consumer inkjet printer ranges, but if you see one at a retailer that still holds stock, the multifunction devices in the Hero Range are the most recent, having replaced the older ESP range.

The higher the number, the more features you get, with the Hero 9.1 model being at the very top of Kodak's range. 

Entry level models like the Hero 3.1 come with wi-fi connectivity, but lack features like automatic double-sided printing.  

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