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Kodak was a huge company in the film, camera and printer arena, but has lost its direction with the arrival of digital photography – but are its printers still worth focussing on? We've put the company's printers through the mill to find out if buying one makes sense – even if they are harder to find now that the company has discontinued its printer range.

Some of the models we've tested are still available online – it's a shame that the company is quitting the market because it offered really low per-page printing costs, but ongoing support and availability of inks now cloud the situation.

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Kodak printers – our verdict

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Kodak printers - our verdict
Number of models tested7
ProsRead our expert review on what Kodak printers do best
ConsRead our expert review on the main drawbacks of Kodak printers
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Kodak ranges

Kodak Hero 5.1

Kodak's Hero 5.1 printer

Kodak has pulled the plug on its consumer inkjet printer ranges, but if you see one at a retailer that still holds stock, the multifunction devices in the Hero Range are the most recent, having replaced the older ESP range.

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