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The Canon Pixma iP2702 is sleek standard printer that's very affordably priced. Unsurprisingly it lacks the whistles and bells of pricier models - it has no Wi-Fi connectivity or memory card slots, but does it get the basics right? We put it through our rigorous printer tests to find out.
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User Image wrote:
MrBeck wrote:
Black cartridge supplies black printing
Despite what the review says this printer has both colour and black cartridges and black printing is achieved by using the black cartridge if available. With Windows at least it can simulate black by mixing but only if out of black ink or no black cartridge is installed.
28/4/2015 4:01 PM GDT
User Image wrote:
2011-06-01 17:27:13.323 wrote:
Linux drivers
Despite what the review says the printer does in fact have Linux drivers see:
29/1/2013 3:30 PM GST

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