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  • Printing overall
  • Text print quality
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  • Scanning overall
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  • Printing costs

Latest models and OS compatibility

Find the most recently tested printers and those compatible with Mac or Windows 7 operating systems

Recently tested New models will be more widely available, older models may be harder to track down - but you may find a bargain.

Tested for occasional printing cost Some printers use ink to clean their print heads. This increases the cost of printing if you print occasionally and turn the printer off  between uses. In September 2012 we introduced a test to determine the cost impact of leaving time between prints. Select 'yes' to view printers that have undergone the occasional printing test.

Compatible with Windows 8 Windows 8 compatibility of the printer at the time of testing. Models marked 'no' were not compatible at the time of testing and those marked 'not tested' were tested before Windows 8. For these printers, check the manufacturer's website to find out if a Windows 8 driver is now available.

Compatible with Mac Whether or not the printer supports the Mac OS10 operating system directly out of the box. You may be able to download an alternative driver from a freeware site but some printing features may be lost. 'Not stated' means that the manufacturer has not stated if there is a driver available for this operating system.

Type of printer

Basic information about each printer to help you pick the right product for you.

Inkjet or laser

Colour or mono

Print on A3 Find models that can print on an A3 size sheet of paper.

Aimed at photo printing Printers listed include those from ranges designed either to be predomniantly for photo printing, or as all-rounders that are also designed to be good at photo printing. Models designed for photo printing may include both a preview screen and option to print from memory card and/or cameras (via PictBridge) which are more popular if you want to print photos at home. Printers not labelled as 'suited to photo printing' here may still have the ability to print photos from a computer.

Home office printer Laser printers, inkjet printers from ranges designed for office tasks and models with automatic document feeders. Other printers are either better suited to photo printing, or are 'generalist' printers.

Google CloudPrint compatibility Find printers compatible with Google CloudPrint

Photo printing

Make sure you pick the features that matter for printing photos.

Preview screen A preview screens on the printer is useful if you plan to print direct from memory card or camera.

PictBridge A PictBridge connection will allow you to print directly from an enabled digital camera without turning on your computer.

Memory card slots Memory card slots will vary so check the specifications before you head to the shops


Find printers with wi-fi connectivity or those compatible with mobile print apps or AirPrint

Print from smartphone Find printers compatible with the manufacturer's smartphone print app. Compatibility will also depend on the operating system running on your smartphone.

AirPrint compatibility Find printers which claim compatibility with Apple AirPrint technology

Business features

Features you might find useful for a home office.

Automatic Document Feeder Automatic document feeders are useful if you fax or photocopy long documents

Automatic double-sided printing Automatic double-sided printing is sometimes referred to as auto-duplexing. It means you can set the printer to automatically print on both sides of a page.

Double sided scan and copy Find one of the small number of all-in-one printers which can be set up to automatically copy/scan both sides of a page. Note: for the output to also be double-sided you may have to select '2-sided' in the printer's menu when copying or scanning.

Craft features

Media the printer claims to be able to print on

Maximum page weight - card printing Some manufacturers state the maximum page weight in grams per square metre (gsm) that the printer can handle. The higher the number, the thicker the paper. As a guide, normal copier paper is 80gsm, lightweight card is 170-216 gsm and 217-284 gsm 'card' is generally a little thicker than a greeting card. Some manufacturers don't state a maximum page weight (Not stated), for models tested before we recorded this information we state 'not recorded'.

Select the maximum page weight you need the printer to be able to print on (in gsm).

Can it print on transparencies? If you need to print on transparent sheets, search for models that claim the ability to do this. Printers tested before we looked for this feature retunr 'not recorded'. For others the manufacturer may not state whether the printer can or cannot print on transparencies.

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OfficeJet 100 Mobile (CN551A)

Apr 2011
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Add this product to the comparison basket HP Officejet 150 Mobile (CN550A) HP
Officejet 150 Mobile (CN550A)

Nov 2012
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