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Christmas toys 2012: top 10 gallery

  • 10 new and interesting toys to keep your kids amused
  • Toys for boys and girls, from Barbie and Spiderman toys to a mini scooter and drum kit play mat
  • Creative, fun and active play toys

Best new toys for boys and girls 

Every year a huge number of new toys hit the shops, each promising to keep your kids amused. But which of these toys will be top of your child's wish list this year?  

Which? has scoured the toy shops to bring you the top 10 most desirable toys that are sure to be popular in 2012. See these in our photo gallery below, plus don't miss our expert assessment of educational toys from LeapFrog and VTech. 

If you're child is a little too young for these toys, make sure you read our guide to play equipment for babies and toddlers and check out .

Top 10 toys

1. Barbie Puppy Play Pack

This new Barbie comes with two puppies that wag their tails, bob theirs heads and come to her when she claps her hands. A small button on her back makes her clap (you have to keep pressing to make this happen). The puppies will also come to you when you clap.

Suitable for ages 3+ years, £36

2. Web-shooting Spiderman toy

With the latest Spiderman film coming out later in 2012, we predict this toy will be be popular with kids across the country. It's not just a static character figure - it can shoot webs from both hands.

Suitable for ages 4+ years, £45

3. Go Mini Stunt Launcher

With this stunt launcher you can rev your mini and watch it charge into a race or perform a wheelie. Just pump the gear stick and watch the revs build to ready the car with maximum speed.

Suitable for ages 3+ years, £35

4. Monster High dolls

For kids who don't want to be the same as everyone else, Monster High dolls are perfect. There are a range of dolls to choose from, and these are the latest 2012 edition to the Monster High gang.

Suitable for ages 5+ years, £23 each

5. Drum kit playmat

Much cheaper than a full drum kit, this playmat is portable and has a built-in amplifier that you can plug a CD or MP3 player into. It has eight instrument sounds, background music, and comes with a microphone so you can sing and play along to your favourite music.

Suitable for ages 3+ years, £35

6. Casdon Morphy Richards kitchen set

With a toaster that has a pop-up function and a kettle with level gauge, your kids can learn how to be like you in the kitchen. There's also a collection of realistic food, too.

Suitable for ages 5+ years, £16.99

7. 3D Big Ben Puzzle

This 3D puzzle has 750+ pieces that are thicker than the average jigsaw, allowing it to stand tall. A great toy to celebrate London 2012 and have some fun with your kids in the process.

Suitable for ages 3+ years, £25

8. Skoot

Let your little one be a real mod with this cool retro scooter. It's great for kids that aren't quite big enough for a proper three-wheeler yet, but want to be able to race about.

Suitable for ages 3+ years, £39.95

9. Nerf Elite Hail-Fire blaster

This blaster is the ultimate boys' toy with a rotating ammunition rack that holds up to 144 foam darts. It can shoot up to 75 feet away and its quick reloading capability means you can unleash at speed.

Suitable for ages 8+ years, £58

10. Style Me Up Magnifying Jewellery Station

This jewellery station lets your little girl make sparkly jewellery for her and her friends. It comes with ribbons, ready-to-decorate pendants, rhinestones and has a magnifying glass so she can feel like a professional.

Suitable for ages 5+ years, £30

All toys featured are available from John Lewis, Hamleys or Amazon. 

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