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Updated: 30 Jun 2022

Washing machine sales in July 2022

Washing machine deals chosen by Which? home experts, including premium, freestanding and cheap models. Our experts are on hand to separate this month's deals from the duds.
Aaron West
washing machine deals

Hoping to find a bargain washing machine in the sales? We’ve rounded up some of the best deals you can find right now.

The big manufacturers, such as Bosch and Miele, normally launch a new range on an annual basis. So looking out for price drops on last year's washing machine ranges can turn up some real bargains.

But not all price cuts are as attractive as they first seem. We've scrutinised every deal we list here. The models aren't always Best Buys - the very best products we've tested - but they've scored well enough in our tests for us to be confident recommending them. Of course, we also check to make sure the deals are good ones. 

Read on for our expert pick of some genuine bargains and find out how to spot your own.

For more information, read our guide on the best washing machines, which includes Which? Best Buys and expert buying advice.

Cheap washing machine deals for under £400

Hotpoint NSWM963CWUK - now £389

  • We like: Effective rinse
  • We don't like: Programs are lengthy, higher than average water and electricity consumption

This is a freestanding washing machine with a maximum capacity of 9kg on the cotton wash and 4.5kg on the synthetics program. It's a good size for laundry baskets that are brimming with a variety of different fabrics. Notable programs include an anti-allergy setting to clean away potential irritants such as pollen and dust mites, a steam hygiene option, an anti-stain wash, plus a rapid program that promises to clean a full load in just 45 minutes.

It’s available now at Very with a £41 (or 9.5%) reduction on its typical price of £430.

Read our full Hotpoint NSWM963CWUK review to find out if it’s the right model for you.

Buy it now for £389 at Very.

Washing machine deals from £400 to £600

Hotpoint BIWMHG81484UK - £418

  • We like: Great spin drying
  • We didn't like: Uses a lot of water

This fully integrated washing machine has an 8kg cottons capacity, with dedicated programs for bed and bath, woollens, delicates and duvets. There are also three extra functions on top of the usual temperature and spin-speed controls. The energy saver option won’t heat the water at all, saving you energy but giving a less thorough wash. The multi-rinse option allows you to add extra rinses to wash away excess detergent – useful for those with sensitive skin. The cleaning action option allows you to customise the intensity of your wash from intense to delicate.

Read the full Hotpoint BIWMHG8148UK review to find out its the machine for you.

Now available from Appliance City for £418, that's £32 off the typical price.

Bosch WAU28S80GB - now £558

  • We like: Easy to use
  • We didn't like: Uses more electricity that others

This freestanding white washing machine has an 8kg cotton capacity – plenty for a medium-sized household of four people. It also has an automatic detergent dispensing system called i-DOS. This means you can add a whole bottle of detergent and softener at a time, and it only uses however much it needs for each wash, based on the program, weight of the load and hardness of the water.

Read the full Bosch WAU28S80GB review to find out its the machine for you.

Now available from Buywise for £558, that's around £40 off the typical price.

Washing machine deals from £600+

LG F4V710WTSA - £655 

  • We like: Fairly easy to use, loads of features
  • We didn't like: high water and energy use

This washing machine comes with many stylish features including automatic detergent dispensing and smart connectivity. It has a capacity of 10.5kg and includes a silent wash program, so you can be sure you won't disturb your neighbours - no matter what time of the day you do your washing.

But read our full LG F4V710WTSA review before buying to see if it's worth getting.

Now available from AO for £655, a £125 drop from its typical price.

Where is the best place to buy a washing machine?

Woman shopping for a washing machine

To find the best shops for home appliances, tech and more, we surveyed 8,491 people in September 2021, including Which? members and the general public. We asked how satisfied people were with the retailer and have star ratings for customer service, value for money, and delivery and returns for all the major retailers, including AO.com, Currys and John Lewis & Partners.

See our full list of the best household appliance shops for the full ranking.

How much do you need to pay for a good washing machine?

Some washing machines are available for less than £200, while others stretch well over the £1,000 mark.

The bad news is Which? testing shows that you’re more likely to end up with a dud Don’t Buy than a Best Buy if you spend less than £250.

While it's true that the more you spend, the more choice of Best Buys you get, the good news is there are diamonds in the rubble. The cheapest Best Buys are available for around £300.

More than £600 is where most Best Buys are. With this budget you can choose between all different Best Buys, ranging from big to small, freestanding and integrated.

But be careful the most expensive Don’t Buy we’ve found in our tests is £619 – a costly mistake to make.

Give yourself the best chance of of finding a great model by reading our washing machine reviews.

What extra washing machine costs should you consider?

1. Installation and delivery costs

Getting an online delivery of a washing machine can be a real hassle and you'll need to fork out quite a lot to make it more convenient.

Delivery costs is where you see the biggest differences between retailers.

All offer free delivery, but this gives you no choice over the date or time of the delivery (so you'll need to make sure you stay home that day).

AO.com charge the most we've seen for a quick delivery and a timeslot of your choice, either morning (7am to 12pm), lunch (10am to 2pm) or afternoon (12pm to 5pm). 

2. Disposal and recycling costs

Disposal costs are normally around £20 from each retailer.

Unusually, AO.com separate out £10 to disconnect your old appliance, a service normally included in the installation cost of your new machine.

This could add £10 to the total cost your new freestanding appliance. As the cost for installing an integrated model is £10 less than other retailers, it doesn't increase the cost for built-in models.

RetailerDelivery costsInstallation costsDisposal/recycling costsMaximum total extra cost
AO.comVaries from free (no choice of date or time) up to £55 (quick delivery and chosen time slot)£25 (£80 for integrated models)£20 recycling
£10 disconnection service
Currys PC WorldFree standard delivery
£15-20 for chosen date sooner than standard delivery
£25 (£90 for integrated models)£20 recycling£130
John Lewis & PartnersFree standard
£12.95 for four hour slot
£24.95 for two hour slot
£19.95 for next day delivery
£25 (£90 for integrated models)£20 recycling£134.95
Table last updated in November 2021.

Read our guide for more tips on disposing of your washing machine, as well as buying and selling second-hand washing machines.

3. Energy running costs

Another extra cost you need to consider is the cost of the energy used to run your washing machine.

Our expert testing has revealed big differences between models with our washing machines reviews, with the least efficient using more than four times the energy of the most efficient.

We calculate an estimated annual running cost of every washing machine we review by multiplying the energy used for one standard cottons load by 208 (four loads a week for 52 weeks a year) and 28p per kWh, the new energy price cap.

The most efficient cost just £26 a year to run, while the least could add £95 – a £63 difference. Check out our washing machine running costs tool to find out how much a model would cost over the course of its lifetime.

Find the best energy-efficient washing machines to help you save money and help the environment.