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Trying to decide which cot bed is right for you can be daunting as there are so many different brands, models and features to choose from. Our cot bed tests are a great starting point to help you choose the best and safest, at the best price. 

Video guide: what makes a Which? Best Buy cot bed?


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If you're thinking of buying a cot bed, which is useful from birth to around 9 years old, then you'll want get one that's safe, durable, and easy to use. Our cot bed reviews are based on rigorous lab tests that push the cot beds to their limits just as your child As well as putting great force on each bed, to test how durable it is, we also run extensive checks to make sure it's really safe to use.

We test all of our cot beds to make sure they comply with British standards, including making sure that all of the bars are the correct distance apart so your baby doesn't get trapped. The tests include pushing a dummy child's finger, limbs, and head into all parts of the cot to ensure they won't get trapped.

Assembly of the cot bed for ease of use and safety is also really important. A good cot bed will be quick and easy to put together saving you time and effort. A bad one, on the other hand, will only be a nuisance to assemble, but also far to easy to put together wrong; putting your child's safety at risk.

You're gonna be using you're cot bed everyday and a best buy will ensure that it's going to be easy to lift your baby in and out when the cot bed is in any position. If it has drop sides, these will be easy to lower and raise, and adjusting the base position, and converting it into a bed from a cot, will be simple to do.

however, a bad on will be tricky to use, will be difficult to use and you'll find it more infuriating to use than your child's tantrums. A Best Buy cot bed will not only make your life as a new parent easier, but will also be a safe place for your child's sleep. So take a look at all of our reviews at

When looking for a cot bed for your new baby, you'll want to be assured that:

  • It's totally safe - we check all cot beds to make sure they not only comply with British standards, but that there are no dangerous features
  • It's durable and will last - we test each cot bed by pounding it first 1,000 times with a 10kg weight, and by shaking the rails 30 times per minute until it's been rattled 5,000 times
  • It's easy to use everyday - we get real parents to try out each cot bed to make sure it's easy to assemble, lift your baby in and out of and adjust
  • You haven't had to pay the earth - cot beds can cost as much as £600, but we've found Best Buy cot beds for under £170.

A Best Buy cot bed will make your life as a new parent easier, helping you avoid one that will infuriate you more than your child's tantrums.

Let us help you choose the best cot bed

As well as looking at our reviews of cot beds, our guide to buying a cot bed covers everything from features to look our for to how much you need to spend. It also includes safe sleeping tips and will help make the decision easy and put your mind at rest. 

Which? is independent - we work for you, the consumer, so you can be sure that our product recommendations are influenced only by our test results. We don't take advertising and we buy all the products that we test. This means that, as well as recommending great products, we can highlight the ones to avoid.

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