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Most banks will allow children aged 11+ to open an account

The table shows the range of children's bank accounts offered by banks and building societies in the UK. 

A score has been applied to each account based on the features we think are most important, including credit interest (weighted on tiered balances up to £2,500), debit or cash card available,option to set-up standing orders/direct debits and incentives. 

The table is split into two categories - minimum age 7 to 11 and minimum age 16+.

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Children's bank accounts
ProviderAge bands (years)Credit interest rateDirect debits and standing ordersCash cardDebit cardCheque bookProduct score
Minimum age 7 to 11 years

Bank of Scotland Under 19s Account

Bank of Scotland

11 to 152.50 [a]YesYesYesNo80%

Lloyds BankUnder 19s Account

11 to 152.50 [a]YesYesYesNo80%

TSB Under 19s Account


11 to 152.50 [a]YesYesYesNo80%

Santander  Youth Account

11 to 153.00 [b] [c]YesYesYesNo75%

Co-operative Bank Bonus Account [d]

7 to 180.25Yes [l]YesNoNo61%

NatWest  Adapt [e]

11 to 181.00NoNoYesNo59%

Northern Bank (NI) Discovery

Northern Bank
11 to 170.10YesYesYesNo58%

Royal Bank of Scotland Revolve [e]

Royal Bank of Scotland
11 to 180.55NoNoYesNo51%

HSBC  MyAccount [f]

11 to 170.00YesYesYesYes [g]50%

Barclays BarclaysPlus [h]

Barclays Bank
11 to 150.25See [j]YesYesNo48%

Ulster Bank (NI) Adapt

Ulster Bank
11 to 180.00NoNoYesNo31%
Minimum age 16 up to 19 years

Bank of Scotland Under 19s Account [k]

Bank of Scotland
16 to 182.50 [a]YesYesYesYes93%

Lloyds Bank Under 19s Account [k]

16 to 182.50 [a]YesYesYesYes93%

TSB Under 19s Account [k]

16 to 182.50 [a]YesYesYesYes93%

Santander Youth Account

16 to 183.00 [b] [c]YesYesYesYes75%

Halifax Cardcash

16 to 171.51YesYesYesNo73%

Nationwide BS  FlexAccount Youth

16 to 180.00YesYesYesYes50%

Barclays  Young Persons Account

Barclays Bank
16 to 190.00YesYesYesYes50%

Table notes

  1. 0.1% paid on portion of balance above £2,500
  2. To be eligible for the credit interest rate the customer must pay any amount into their account at least once a month.
  3. No interest is paid on any amount over £500, or on the whole balance if the customer does not make a payment into their account each month)
  4. Born Free gifts at key stages of a/c. Bonus paid per year if balance average £50. Up to 12 years - £2  13 - 18 years - £10.
  5. Discounts at top retailers and discounted railcard
  6. As part of a package with MySavings which can be opened by a child from the age of 7
  7. On request from age 16
  8. Tied to another product with Barclays
  9. Direct debits and standing orders into account only
  10. For over 17s - Save £36 on AA driving lessons and receive a free ‘Pass Your Test’ CD-ROM worth £19.99. After passing your test save a further £20 off Pass Plus
  11. Not direct debits

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