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Three Best Buy tumble dryers revealed

Panasonic's first dryer has lowest running costs
Panasonic tumble dryer

Three Best Buy tumble dryers have emerged from our tests of vented and condenser tumble dryers. And Panasonic’s first ever dryer is the most energy efficient model we’ve seen yet.

Newly tested dryers include vented and condenser tumble dryers from manufacturers including Bosch, AEG, Beko and Hotpoint. To see which of these models we recommend, see our Best Buy tumble dryer reviews.

Several of the models are cheap tumble dryers, available for under £200 and £300. Members can log in to see how these models did in our tests, but if you’re not a member you can access all our expert reviews by signing up for a £1 trial.

Panasonic condenser tumble dryer

We’ve also tested Panasonic’s first tumble dryer to be released in the UK, the NH-P80G1. A condenser tumble dryer with a heat pump, it’s pretty expensive at over £700. But running costs are about a third of a normal condenser tumble dryer – £37, instead of the more typical £100. 

This heat pump in this Panasonic generates warm air and passes it through the drum, absorbing moisture from your laundry.

The dampened air passes through filters on the way back to the condenser side of the heat pump where the air is cooled, separating the moisture which is then deposited back into the reservoir. The dried air is re-heated by the exchanger and passed back through the drum.

This method of removing the moisture from the laundry is a lot less energy intensive than tumble dryers without a heat pump, which is why the running costs are so low.

But while running costs do have a big influence on the test score, it does not automatically make this model a Best Buy. To find out if it has made the grade, head on over to our .

Condenser tumbler dryers tested

  • Bosch WTS86500GB
  • Panasonic NH-P80G1 (heat pump)

Vented tumble dryers tested

  • Bosch WTV74309GB
  • AEG T65170AV
  • Hotpoint TVEL75C6P
  • Hotpoint TVFM60C6P
  • Beko DSV64W

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