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Best laptop brands

Best laptop brands

By Adam Marshall

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To help you buy the best laptop, we reveal the brands that have a brilliant reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction.

Put us to the test

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Every year, we ask more than 10,000 Which? members to tell us how satisfied they are with the laptop they own, and whether they're constantly dogged by failures and faults. The results enable us to tell you which are the best and worst laptop brands, with Apple Macs and Windows PCs both included.

Devices from the bottom to the top of the pricing pyramid are all taken into consideration – our table will show you how the likes of Asus laptops, Dell laptops and Lenovo laptops fared.

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Best and worst laptop brands

Before you shell out for a new laptop, take a look at the below table to see the results of our annual reliability survey. With ratings ranging between a commendable four stars to a lacklustre two, you'll discover the laptops that will leave you far happier with your purchase later down the line.

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Laptop brands rated
Brand Reliability rating Customer score Verdict

Head and shoulders above every other brand on the market for both reliability and customer satisfaction. Plus, all its laptops are Best Buys.

64% This manufacturer produces the joint most reliable Windows laptops. But its individual product scores can vary massively, so be sure to check out our reviews before buying one.
64% Reliable, liked by our members and scoring well in our tests, there should be a model that suits you. And it has more Best Buys then any other brand.
61% A personal computing stalwart, its laptops come in all shapes and sizes - some good, some bad and some somewhere in between.
61% It's a prolific laptop maker, but perhaps at the cost of reliability. It's in the bottom half of our table, and customer satisfaction isn't exactly good either.
61% Often affordable and decent scorers, this brand is ramping up its availability with major retailers. But it might want to take more care with the laptops it makes.
58% Now decided to give up making laptops, which is probably for the best. It has a bad reputation for reliability and scarcely scores well in our product tests.
53% You don't find many laptops by this brand around these days. And even if you do, our survey data suggests that you should leave them on the shelf.
Table notes
Reliability rating and customer score based on feedback from more than 10,000 Which? members, surveyed in July 2016


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Choosing the best brand of laptop

The reliability rating a brand receives is a really good guideline for where you should start your laptop hunt, as you know you'll be able to trust the machines they make. The customer score is a combination of how likely owners are to recommend the brand and their overall satisfaction with it, and shows how real customers feel about each manufacturer's laptops.

The brand with the highest customer score crushed all other competition – and by some margin. In fact, every laptop it's ever made has been a Best Buy. Perhaps fortunately, the lowest-scoring brand doesn't make many laptops any more, so you needn't worry about accidentally buying one unless you decide to trawl the deepest, darkest depths of the second-hand market.

The most common laptop problems are battery-life shortening (23%), screen freezing (6%), and straight-up inability to boot up (5%). As you can see, battery issues are common, with another 4% reporting batteries simply stopping working altogether – all the more reason for you to pay extra attention to our battery-life scores in  our in-depth laptop reviews.

Our survey accounts for every brand, type and price of laptop owned by our members. There's no restriction on how far back they bought it (as shown by the number of now-defunct brands), as long as they still currently own and use it. But because we conduct the survey every year, you can be confident that these scores are up to date and applicable to the current laptop market.

It's important to remember that any brand that scores two stars or fewer for reliability in our table is incapable of receiving a Best Buy for its laptops, no matter how good those products may be. They're simply too unreliable to recommend without reservation.

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