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Easy-to-use tablets

By Zoe Galloway

We pick out three great tablets that are extremely user-friendly. Even if this is your first time trying a tablet, you'll get up and running with these models easily.

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A tablet allows you to watch movies, answer emails and even edit Word documents on a touchscreen device bigger than a smartphone, but often more accessible than a laptop.

However, some tablets are much easier to use than others. We want you to be whizzing around your device without any moments of frustration, so we've brought together some of the most user-friendly tablets, as revealed by our expert testing.

We're confident that the tablets we've picked out in the table below - all Best Buys - will meet your needs, but there are more options available in our extensive tablet reviews.

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Best easy to use tablets
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Pros: Stunning screen, unbelievably slim and light, lightning-fast processor, simple to use. 

Cons: No HDMI port, plastic casing will put some users off. 

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Pros: Clear and crisp screen, fast processor, expandable memory, light and slim, simple to use. 

Cons: Pimpled plastic design, battery life could be better when web browsing, no HDMI port. 

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Pros: Great screen, rapid processor, fingerprint reader, decent cameras, simple touchscreen, virtual keyboard is easy to use.                                                                             

Cons: No expandable memory, bad for Skype. 

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Table notes: Availability checked March 2016.

The operating system on your tablet will have a big impact on how easy it is to use. Here are the features to look out for in two of the most popular.

Google Android: great things to look out for


This pre-installed feature gives you spoken feedback describing what’s happening on screen, such as apps launching or new-message notifications.

Explore by Touch

This works alongside Talkback and enables you to hover your finger over the Android tablet screen and then hear what is directly underneath via spoken feedback. You can change the speed at which text is read out in both Explore by Touch and Talkback.


If you activate this feature in your Android tablet's settings, you can temporarily magnify areas of the screen to make them easier to see or read. Just tap your finger on the screen and the area will stay magnified for as long as you hold your finger down.

Google Now

Google's voice assistant is available in most places on Android and it allows you to do various tasks - such as perform web searches, call people, send texts and check the weather - just with your voice.

Accessibility settings

Dive into the settings menu and you'll find various useful options, including the ability to answer or end calls with a physical button rather than touch, reverse the colours on the screen to make things easier to read and change the size of text.

Apple iOS: great things to look out for


This neat feature from Apple reads out what is happening on your iPad touchscreen, helping you to navigate. You just touch the screen to hear what’s under your finger, a bit like Android’s Explore by Touch.

Speak selection

If you struggle to read text on screen, Speak selection reads out your email, iMessages, web pages and even books for you. Just highlight text in any application and tap 'speak' for the device to read it out. You can adjust the voice’s speaking rate and even dialect.


This built-in magnifier works anywhere on iOS and allows magnification up to 500%. Elsewhere, it is also possible to increase the iPad's text size to a maximum of 56 points, and you can invert your iPad's entire colour scheme to give greater contrast, so you shouldn't have any problems seeing things clearly.


If you have trouble with some iOS gestures, you can change them. For example, you could change the pinch gesture to a tap of a finger, or even a custom gesture of your own making.


Working a bit like Google Now, Siri helps you do everyday jobs just with your voice. You can make reservations at your favourite restaurant, dictate emails and schedule meetings. Siri is integrated with VoiceOver, so you can get longer written answers, such as sports scores, read out to you.

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Easy-to-use tablets - our research

We've used expert product testing to point you towards the tablets that are a dream to use, whether you're surfing the web, streaming videos or editing important documents.

We've focused on the tablets that score very highly for ease of use, but also excel in other factors, such as their touchscreen, virtual keyboard and screen quality. All our featured products score over 75% and are Best Buys. 


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