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Updated: 3 May 2022

Best iPad and tablet deals for 2022

The best deals on Apple iPads and tablets, as found by our computing experts in the sales. Discover where you can save up to £120 off popular tablets
Martin Pratt
Two tablets with heading saying the best tablet deals on yellow background

Looking for a great deal on an iPad or a tablet from one of Apple's rivals? Our experts track what tablets are on offer in the sales to keep you up to date on the best iPad and tablet deals.

We check out sale prices on mid-range models, as well as high-end, big-screen tablets that can replace a laptop.

Like all tech products, tablets are constantly being updated and refreshed with new versions. That means there are plenty of deals to be found on last-generation models, as well as the occasional discount on the very latest ones. Here we list the best tablet deals and highlight the best sales.

We also run through some top tips on how to find the latest deals on iPads, Android tablets and Microsoft Surface tablets.

To find out which tablets aced our tough tests, including cheaper models, see our expert pick of the best tablets.

The best iPad deals for 2022

Apple iPad Pro (2021) - £954

  • £120 off typical price 
  • 12.9-inch screen 
  • 128GB storage

We like: Responsive touchscreen

We don’t like: No headphone jack

This is the 2021 version of the iPad Pro and it has a 12.9-inch screen – the biggest screen you can get. It's powered by a mighty M1 processor and there’s 8GB of Ram backing it up. The model we tested has 128GB of storage, but you can buy versions with 256GB, 512GB, 1TB or 2TB at higher prices.

The 128GB version has recently been discounted and the cheapest we found it at this month is £954 from Currys. This is around £120 less than its typical price.

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Apple iPad Mini (2021) - £459

The iPad Mini being held in someones hand
  • 8-inch screen
  • A15 processor and 4GB of Ram
  • 2,266x1,488 resolution display

We like: Slick and swift operation

We don’t like:  More reflections than we’d like on the screen 

This eight-inch iPad from Apple was released in 2021. It's a powerful machine that can handle demanding graphics and apps. The version we tested has 64GB of storage. That’s a reasonable amount of space, but with no micro-SD slot to increase the memory, you need to be sure it will be enough before you buy. There is a 256GB version, too.

The 64GB model can currently be had for £459 at AO – around £20 cheaper than the typical price.

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Best Samsung tablet deals for 2022

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G 64GB - £440

  • 12.3-inch screen
  • £70 off usual price
  • 64GB of storage

We like: Good operating system, crisp display

We don’t like: Sound lacks finesse

This Samsung tablet is a challenger to the iPad Pro and it's much cheaper. The operating system is smooth and the tablet can be unlocked via facial recognition. It doesn't have a headphone jack but you can connect with Bluetooth or buy a 3.5mm adapter to connect to the USB C charging port.

The Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G 64GB is currently available for £440 at ChitterChatter.

Read our full Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G 64GB review to see how it did in our tests.

Best Microsoft Surface tablet deals for 2022

Microsoft Surface Go 2 (8GB RAM, 128GB) - £424

  • 10-inch screen
  • Windows tablet
  • 128GB of storage

We like: Good speakers

We don’t like: Accessories are expensive

This 10-inch tablet isn't very heavy for this size of screen and it's easy to use. It works best with a keyboard attached but you'll have to buy this separately.

The 8GB Ram, 128GB version of the Microsoft Surface Go 2 is currently available for £424 at Amazon.

Read our full Microsoft Surface Go 2 review to see if it's the tablet for you.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (4GB RAM, 128GB) - £785

  • 12.3-inch screen
  • Windows tablet
  • 128GB of storage

We like: Sharp screen

We don’t like: Pricey accessories

This Microsoft tablet is incredibly easy to use. It's quite large,  with a 12.3-inch screen, but that screen size means it works as a laptop if you add a keyboard. We found the speakers were excellent and deliver clear speech – perfect for watching TV.

The 4GB Ram, 128GB version of the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is currently available for £785 at Laptops Direct.

Read our full Microsoft Surface Pro 7 review to see how it did in our tests.

Best Lenovo tablet deals for 2022

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab - £205

  • 10.1-inch screen
  • Android tablet
  • 64GB of storage

We like: Robust build 

We don't like: Falls over easily

A large tablet with a 10.1-inch screen, 64GB of storage, and features a unique design with a chunky handle, a kickstand and a wall-mounting option. At 541g, it’s no lightweight, but you do at least get impressively robust build quality – this tablet feels like it’s built to last.

It has been reduced by £45 this month and is currently available for £205 from Amazon.

Read our full Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab review to see how this tablet fared in our lab tests.

How to find a good deal on a tablet

We've picked out a selection of current good offers on decent tablets, but if these aren't quite right for you, don't worry as there will be ample other opportunities to find a great tablet deal.

If budget is your top priority, we can help. Our experts have put together their top picks of the best cheap tablets.

Finding an iPad deal

Apple’s own website provides you with a good baseline of how much an iPad costs, because Apple never discounts new models on its website. Knowing the full true price will make it easier to see if you're really getting a good discount on another site.

When shopping around for deals and looking at sale prices, be mindful that there are multiple generations of iPads on sale at the same time. Make sure you know which you're buying; our guide on which iPad to buy shows you which models are the latest generation. 

There’s nothing wrong with buying an older-generation iPad (in fact it’s a great way to save money), but just make sure you’re comparing like-for-like products instead of a newer, more expensive model with an older, cheaper version.

Another way to keep costs down is to consider a refurbished iPad. While Apple's website never has deals on new tablets, there is a section on its official site for refurbished iPads that come with a one-year warranty. What’s available varies day by day, but you should be able to save at least 20% on a refurbished model over a new one. 

If you’re a student, you may also qualify for Apple’s student discount programme, which will net you discounts on iPads, among other products. 

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Finding a Microsoft Surface tablet deal

It’s sensible to start your search for a Surface tablet on the Microsoft Store website

This is the place to find the true RRP of the model and specification you’re after, and you might even find a discount while you’re there. It might be a simple discount on a specification, or it could be a discounted or free accessory when you buy a full-price tablet.

If you don’t find a discount on the Microsoft website, it’s highly likely you’ll find one from a different retailer. Make sure you check all the specifications and colour options, as discounts might only be on one or two of these at any time. 

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Finding an Amazon Fire tablet deal

Amazon Fires are hardly expensive to start with and deals on these tablets also come along fairly regularly. You will often find the best prices on Amazon.co.uk's Fire site, but you can sometimes find decent discounts from the likes of Currys and Argos. 

If there's nothing available on the day you search, you probably won't have to wait long for a discount to materialise. So if you don’t need to buy right now, it could pay to wait until a deal comes up.

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Tablets and security support

Before you buy a new tablet, bear in mind that not all manufacturers are equal when it comes to security updates. We've found some only support their tablets for two to three years. .

Our free tablet security tool will let you quickly check how long a tablet will continue to receive security updates. It also importantly gives you advice on how to stay safe when using your tablet.