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Laptops: How to buy the best laptop

  • How to choose the best laptop for you
  • Expert advice on the features you need
  • What makes a good budget laptop
  • What makes a good ultraportable laptop

What's in this guide

Choosing your perfect laptop

The first step to getting the right laptop is working out what you want to use it for

Buying the best cheap laptop

What makes a good cheap laptop and what features to look out for

Buying the best family laptop

Want a laptop the whole family can use? Find out which features you need

Buying the best desktop replacement laptop

What to look out for if you want a model that compares in power and features to a desktop PC

Buying the best ultraportable laptop

If you want an ultra-light but powerful model, an ultraportable will suit you down to the ground

Buying the best multimedia laptop

Want a laptop that's also an entertainment centre? Look no further than a multimedia laptop

Should I buy a laptop?

Not sure whther to buy a laptop or tablet? See how they measure up to find the right choice for you.