Tablets: Tablet buyers' guide

  • Tablets versus laptops and smartphones
  • Apple iPads and the Android competition
  • Choosing wi-fi or 3G and 4G tablets

What's in this guide

How to choose the best tablet for you

Apple or Android? 7-inch or 10-inch? 16GB or 32GB? What to consider when buying a tablet...

What is a tablet?

Find out how tablets measure up against smartphones and laptops

Android tablets versus Apple iPads

The pros and cons of the Apple iPad range and its Google Android rivals

How to choose the best cheap tablet

How to make a saving and buy a quality cheap tablet with the right features

7-inch tablets vs 10-inch tablets

We explain the benefits and drawbacks of buying large-screen and small-screen tablets

Wi-fi or 3G and 4G tablets - should you pay more?

We explain the difference between 4G/3G tablets and simple wi-fi – and whether it's worth paying more.

Should I buy a tablet?

Not sure whether to buy a tablet or a laptop? How much more can a tablet do than a smartphone? See how they measure up to find the best option for you.