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When it’s not making smartphones, TVs, fridges, cameras, Blu-ray players and tablets, Samsung keeps itself busy being one of the world’s leading laptop manufacturers, with a range that takes in everything from high-performance, big-screen models to beautifully-designed ultraportables. Keeping quality consistent across such a diverse range must be a challenge. Is Samsung up to the task?

Samsung sometimes struggles, but there are some Best Buy laptops in its line-up, and some of its ultrabooks can stand up with the best ultraportables on the market. Screen quality isn’t always brilliant and battery life can range from very good to bad, yet a combination of aggressive pricing and interesting design mean that it’s often worth looking at what Samsung has to offer.

Samsung laptops – get out experts’ take on Samsung’s latest laptops

Every year we test dozens of the latest laptops, including new and improved models from Samsung. We know the brand, its strengths and its weaknesses, and we’re equipped to make informed comparisons with the best laptops from rival brands.

Samsung laptops our verdict

In the table below, Which? members can find out how Samsung laptops have performed in our tests. Is it worth putting Samsung on your shortlist, or are you better giving this brand a wide berth?

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Samsung laptops - our verdict
Number of models tested9
ProsRead our expert review on what Samsung laptops do best
ConsRead our expert review on the main drawbacks of Samsung laptops
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Samsung laptop ranges

Samsung Series 5 NP530U3C

Samsung's Series 5 NP53OU3C

Samsung makes a lot of laptops, and it can be hard to tell what makes a Series 3 different from a Series 5. These are the Samsung laptop lines we’d focus on.

Samsung Series 3

Samsung’s Series 3 laptops are designed to be capable and affordable, with a mix of entry-level and mid-range models. With 15.6-inch screens and Intel Core i3 and i5 processors you’re not going to get the ultimate in portability or performance, but you should get a good, well-built laptop that you’ll be happy to use around the home. Watch out for Samsung’s Series 3 Chromebooks, as these are slim-and-light models that use Google’s Web-focused Chrome operating systems, not Windows.

Samsung Series 5

Samsung’s Series 5 range includes both mid-sized 15.6-inch laptops and 13.3-inch Ultrabooks, but they share a similar design and high-quality look and feel. The larger models feature good screens, great keyboards and ample processing power, while the Ultrabooks perform well for such thin-and-light laptops. Prices are surprisingly low to boot.

Samsung Series 7

The Series 7 range takes in 13.3-inch and 14-inch Ultrabooks as well as mid-sized 15.6-inch laptops, all with a little more power than their Series 5 equivalents. The high-quality feel is reminiscent of Apple’s MacBook Pro models, and with large hard drives, fast processors and plenty of RAM they have the oomph to be your only PC. Watch out for screen quality, however, as it has been inconsistent across the range.

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