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One of the world’s biggest PC manufacturers, Acer produces every kind of laptop from powerhouse desktop replacement models to slimline ultrabooks. Its laptops are always keenly priced, yet the best cram powerful features and generous specifications into stylish modern designs. Does this make Acer a good laptop brand to buy into, or are there potential pitfalls lurking beneath the surface?

Over the years we’ve tested dozens of Acer laptops. Some of its budget 15.6-inch models suffer from poor screens and the construction quality rarely matches the standards of an Apple or a Sony, but specifications are often better than you’d expect at the price and Acer laptops can be good value for money. Its Ultrabooks are particularly impressive, with recent examples awarded Which? Best Buy awards.

Acer laptop reviews – see all our reviews of Acer laptops

Every year we test over 60 new laptops, covering all the latest models from the major manufacturers, including Acer. We’ve tested the four most important models in Acer’s current range, and we have a unique oversight of the brand and its most common strengths and weaknesses.

Acer laptops – our verdict

In the table below, Which? members can read our expert verdict on Acer laptops. Can you save money by buying Acer and still get a brilliant laptop, or would you be better off going for a rival brand?

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Acer laptops - our verdict
Number of models tested4
ProsRead our expert review on what Acer laptops do best
ConsRead our expert review on the main drawbacks of Acer laptops
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Acer laptop ranges

Acer Aspire S3-391

The Acer Aspire S3-391

Acer always has several laptop ranges on the go, covering budget laptops, professional laptops, desktop replacements and Ultrabooks.

Acer Aspire V series

The Aspire V Series is Acer’s value range, with 14-inch, 15.6-inch and 17-inch models, built-in DVD or Blu-ray drives and frequently a range of different case colours. Despite the value tag many V series laptops come with powerful processors and plenty of RAM and hard disk storage, though you may have to compromise on screen quality and battery life. These laptops don’t always feel as good as they look, so it’s worth going hands-on if you can.

Acer Aspire S Series

Acer’s Ultrabook range gives you the style of a premium Ultrabook at a price more of us can afford, with 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch laptops available. The S Series laptops have a better quality look and feel than some other Acer laptops, and they’re extremely portable without sacrificing performance; all of which has helped the S Series scoop at least one Best Buy award. Battery life still isn’t quite up there with the best and sound quality is poor, but these Ultrabooks offer excellent value.

Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M Series

The laptops in Acer’s Timeline Ultra M series are basically more powerful Ultrabooks, and while they push Intel’s size and weight specification, you get bigger screens and a lot more graphics horsepower to compensate. A Timeline Ultra M laptop will run anything you throw at it, including games, while remaining portable enough to carry around. Battery life is good, and while the screens can look washed out in some lighting, the overall feel is more luxurious than you might expect.

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