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There are big differences between the best and worst kettles. Discover the five key things that make a Best Buy kettle in the video below.

Video guide: what makes a Which? Best Buy kettle?


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Every kettle can boil water. That's a given but that doesn't mean that all kettles are the same. At which, our reviews cover everything you could need to know about the kettle, including what you can't find from looking at one in the shop.

We'll tell you how quickly it boils, how loud it is, how easy it is to use, and much more.

We've tested 100's of kettles so we know exactly what makes a good one.
So, we know what exactly makes a good one. Here, are the five key things we've think really matter.

Speed. The fastest Best Buy kettles can boil four cups of water in just two minutes and 14 seconds, but some kettles take twice as long to boil the same amount. Definitely not ideal if you're trying to squeeze a quick cupper in in the ad-break.

Now, as home appliances go, kettles aren't particularly quiet, but we look for models that keep the noise levels to a minimum.

The loudest kettles, meanwhile are almost as noisy as an electric drill.

Minimum fill; some kettles
allow you to heat as little as one cup of water, which can be boiled in just 45 seconds. But with others, you have to boil a minimum of 4 cups worth every time you use it. This wastes your time and also electricity on boiling water that you don't need.

Lime scale filter. Lime scale can build up quickly if you're filling up a kettle with hard water, and you don't want to end up with crunchy bits of scale in your tea. We carefully examine each kettle's filter to see whether or not it will keep scale out.

Ease of use.
We also fill each kettle with cup after cup after cup, to check how easy it is to lift, fill, carry and pour.

We'll tell you everything from how wide the lid opening is is to how visible the water level is.

It can be tempting to buy
the first kettle you see that's cheap or goes with your kitchen. But do that, and you could end up with a noisy dud that leaves you waiting ages for a cup of tea that's riddled with scale.

Instead, use Which? to get the inside the knowledge you need to find your perfect kettle. And it doesn't have to cost a fortune as we found Best Buy's for under 20 pounds. Sign up for a ?1 trial to Which? to see all our kettle test results and get access to hundreds of other Which? reviews.

Time to replace your old kettle?

Every kettle can boil water - but that doesn't mean they're all the same. Some are faster than others, some waste energy by staying on after they've finished boiling, and some are much noisier than others.

Which? kettle reviews cover all this and more. We test everything from premium brands to £10 supermarket models - we have reviews of over 200 currently available kettles.

  • We highlight kettles that don't make you boil more water than you need, so that you can save money on your energy bills
  • Our testers inspect each kettle's limescale filter so you don't end up with white flakes in your tea
  • We fill each kettle to the top to find out how heavy it really is, so you can choose a kettle that won't weigh you down

Our tests cover everything you need - discover the benefits of a Best Buy kettle with a £1 trial to Which?.

  • Reviews of 247 kettles: dome, jug and water heater
  • 82 Best Buy kettles for quick and easy boiling
  • Reviews of kettles from 34 companies.

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We test Breville, Russell Hobbs and Morphy Richards kettles in our labs, alongside own-brand kettles from Argos, John Lewis and major supermarkets, so you know whether it's worth spending more on a kettle from a big-name brand.

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