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Updated: 1 Jun 2022

Best easy-to-use toasters for 2022

Choose an appliance from our list of the best easy-to-use toasters we've tested and make breakfast time a smooth start to the day
Rebecca Jakeman

If you're a toast lover, chances are that your toaster will be used almost every day, so it's worth making sure you buy a model that not only gives your bread an even golden glow, but is also really easy to use.

Our in-depth toaster tests assess how straightforward it is to load bread into a toaster, use its controls, get the toast out and keep it clean, as well as measuring how evenly and effectively it toasts bread, tea cakes, bagels and crumpets. 

If you sometimes find using a toaster tricky because of reduced strength or dexterity in your hands, or if you have any sight issues, our selection below of the best toasters from our tests should help.

See our full list of the Best toasters for 2 to see every model we recommend.

Best Buy easy-to-use toasters

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  • 83%
    • best buy

    This toaster is our best on test, and it’s from a brand with a top-notch reliability record too. It’s great across the board, being straightforward to use, fitting taller and thicker slices of bread comfortably and, most importantly, making great toast.

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  • 78%
    • best buy

    This bargain toaster comes in a range of colours to suit any fashion-forward kitchen. It makes tasty, evenly browned toast and can accommodate thicker slices as well as standard supermarket loaves. It's a dream to use too.

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  • 77%
    • best buy

    This model scores well for its near-perfect toasting with excellent browning coverage. It's very quick too, and couldn't really be much easier to use, with a well-designed cumb tray that slides out smoothly without spilling its contents.

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  • 76%
    • best buy

    This stylish toaster makes excellent toast in just over three minutes. You can squeeze in thick, toastie slices no problem, and it's very easy to use and keep clean too.

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  • 75%
    • best buy

    This vintage-style toaster is easy to load and unload, you won't have any problems selecting a browning level and the crumb tray slides in and out quickly and smoothly. A good amount of the slice turns a delicious golden brown too, with very little colour variation between slices.

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If you want to take a look at how these toasters compare with others we've tested, visit our toaster reviews.

What makes these toasters easy to use?

To find toasters that are both great at browning your bread and easy to use if you have dexterity or sight issues, we first selected all the ones that had scored 75% or more in our tests. We then looked at the models with four or five stars for ease of use and general toasting performance. 

We next narrowed them down by only looking at models that had scored four or five stars within four or more of the following areas: loading, unloading, using the browning controls, using the cancel function and using the crumb tray. 

We then made sure our final selection included a mix of two-slice and four-slice models. 

How to buy the best easy-to-use toaster

After you've looked at our selection, we recommend visiting a shop to try ‘using’ the toaster so that you can check that it’s right for you. Ask yourself these questions:

Is it easy to load the bread and take toast out?

You should be able to easily put the bread into the toaster – wider slots help with this. Most toasters aren't great at fitting large or thick pieces of bread, but a few in our selection are very versatile. 

It's also important to make sure you'll be able to get the toast out without having to use force or touching the toaster. A high-lift function – particularly good when toasting smaller items, such as crumpets – is useful. Our top three easiest-to-use toasters have this.

All the toasters in our selection have also been rated highly for the smoothness of how the toast pops up and the ease of using the cancel function – make sure you're happy with these.

Are the controls easy to see and use?

Make sure you can see all the markings and buttons clearly – a good contrast between them and the background will help with this.

You should be able to grip, turn or press buttons and dials easily and without force – something all of our easy-to-use models have been rated highly for. Also, buttons that stick out tend to be easier to use, which is a feature many of our selected models have.

Check that the controls are well spaced for you and your hand size to help avoid selecting the wrong thing.

It can sometimes be hard to see the markings on stainless-steel models as light reflects off them. If you have trouble with your sight, you may want to choose one of the models without stainless-steel controls. 

Also, it's worth looking for a model with illuminated controls.

Can you clean it easily?

You’ll want to make sure that it’s easy to remove the crumb tray for cleaning and put it back in without using force – all our selected toasters have been rated highly for this. 

Most of the toasters we've found to be easy to use are stainless steel, which can show up fingerprints more. But most have also achieved three or more stars out of five for ease of cleaning.

Also, it's worth looking out for a toaster with rubber feet so that it stays in place on the worktop.

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