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1 April 2021

Best energy-saving kettles

Our round-up of the best energy-saving kettles - buy one of our recommended kettles to get a speedy brew and save money on your electricity bills.
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Rebecca Duff

Kettles all use a similar amount of energy to boil a litre of water, but that doesn’t mean they’re all equally efficient. If a kettle switches off immediately after boiling and has a low minimum fill level, it can help you save energy and money, as this means you don’t have to boil more water than you need.

We take this into account when awarding products Energy Saver status - a label we give to Best Buy kettles that successfully pair superb performance with low energy use. Not only will these kettles make a first-class cuppa, they’ll also trim your electricity bills.

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Money-saving kettles

To qualify as an Energy Saver, a kettle must have a brief overboil time and low minimum fill level. That way, we know that they do more to keep electricity usage down.

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Best energy-saving kettles
What it

looks like
Kettle make and model Annual running costs Minimum fill Score Best Buy?
1.5l 250ml 86%

One of the highest scoring kettles we've ever tested, this is a great all-rounder. It boils quickly, is very easy to use and filters limescale effectively if you live in a hard water area.

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1.6l 235ml 83%

This kettle comes with an integrated measuring cup, so you can accurately make sure that you're only using the amount of water you need. And not only will it save on bills, it costs less than £30 to buy too.

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1.5l 300ml 81%

Ideal if you only tend to make one cuppa at a time, this kettle can boil 300ml in less than a minute. It has multiple temperature settings for different kinds of tea and beeps when it's boiled.

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1.7l 235ml 81%

This quick and quiet kettle looks stylish and is easy to use. It turns off quickly after boiling and you can do just one cup at a time, making it much more energy efficient than the majority of kettles we test.

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1.7l 235ml 81%

As well as the low minimum fill and lack of overboiling making it energy efficient, this kettle is also one of the fastest we've ever tested. It's perfect for a speedy tea for one. 

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Kettle energy-saving tips

  • Boil only the amount of water you need - boiling a litre of water often uses more than twice the energy it takes to boil the minimum amount.
  • Descale your kettle regularly - if it’s full of limescale, it uses more energy to boil the same amount of water.
  • Choose a kettle with a low minimum fill - this means you won’t waste energy by boiling more water than you need.

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