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Our unique dog insurance reviews rate the quality of different types of insurance policy, helping you decide which one is right for your beloved pooch. 

Our policy scores are made up of Which?'s expert views on the amount of cover you get for vet bills, along with seven other elements of a policy. The higher the score, the better we've rated the policy. 

Take out a trial to Which? for just £1 and we’ll tell you exactly what you need to know to pick the best dog insurance policy for your needs. By logging in, Which? members can see:

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Dog insurance reviews
Provider/policyVet fee coverMaximum age limitThird party liabilityDeath from illness
or accident
Policy score
Annual cover (Lifetime cover)
John Lewis Insurance Essentials
John Lewis Insurance Plus
John Lewis Insurance Premium
Kennel Club (£7,500)
Kennel Club (£15,000)
M&S Bank Premier
More Than Premier
Petplan Classic (£4,000)
Petplan Classic (£7,000)
Petplan Ultimate
Per condition per year (Lifetime cover)
Animal Friends Prestige
Animal Friends Superior Plus
Animal Friends Superior
M&S Bank Standard
Per condition (Non-lifetime cover)
Direct Line Advanced
LV= Premier
More Than Classic (£4,000)
More Than Classic (£8,000)
Sainsbury's Bank Premier
Sainsbury's Bank Premier Plus
Tesco Bank Extra (£4,000)
Tesco Bank Extra (£7,500)
Per condition time limited (Non-lifetime cover)
Animal Friends Basic
Animal Friends Prime
Animal Friends Prime Plus
Direct Line Essentials
E&L Diamond (monthly)
E&L Diamond (yearly)
E&L Gold (monthly)
E&L Gold (yearly)
E&L Silver (monthly)
E&L Silver (yearly)
LV= Essential
M&S Bank Essentials
More Than Basic (£1,500)
More Than Basic (£3,000)
Petplan Essentials
Sainsbury's Bank Standard
Tesco Bank Standard

Table Notes:
Information correct February 2015.

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