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Dog insurance: policies reviewed

We compare and rate dog and cat insurance policies from UK pet insurers to select the best pet insurance policies on the market. The table below is ordered by policy score and shows: 

  • Lifetime cover: Policies that meet our minimum criteria £4,000 annual vet fee cover for dogs. We have also included 'per condition' policies, these offer more limited cover. See pet insurance: types of policy explained for more information about how different policies pay out.
  • Max age: Unless otherwise table noted, the policy has no upper age limit for a new pet. 
  • Annual premium: Based on a five-year-old non-pedigree dog and five-year-old Labrador, both living in a high risk area. Note for pet owners in low risk areas: premiums maybe just over half the amount. 
  • Policy score: 60% of weighting is made up of the vet fee cover and how this pays out, 40% is a combination of the following pet insurance policy features: cover for euthanasia, cremation/burial, third party liability, dental cover, kennel fees  and cover abroad.
Dog insurance
ProviderVet fee coverOverall policy scoreAnnual Premium, Cross breed, mongrel, 5 years oldExcessAnnual Premium, Pedigree dog: Labrador retriever, 5 years oldExcess
Per condition per year (Lifetime cover)
The Green Insurance Platinum a£6,00081%516£60£645£60
Computerquote Ultimate£5,00080%£619£55£742£55
Admiral Gold£5,00079%£438£60£501£60
Animal Friends Prestige£6,00078%£505£99£853£99
Vetsure Premier Plus b£5,00078%£959£89 c£1026£89 c
Computerquote Classic£3,00067%£434£55£521£55
Animal Friends SuperPlus£4,00066%£302£99£302£99
Annual cover (Lifetime cover)
John Lewis Insurance Premier£12,00097%£669£60£1005£60
More Than Premier£12,00095%£455£75£802£75
John Lewis Insurance Plus£7,50081%£533£60£801£60
Petplan Ultimate d£12,00080%£863£110£863£110
Argos Platinum£7,00077%£375£65£563£65
Marks and Spencer Bank Premier£7,00074%£444£75£645£75
Helpucover Premier Cover d£6,00064%£485£100£658£100
Petplan Classic d£7,00062%£498£110£677£110
Pet Protect Lifelong Extra e£6,00062%£433£100 + 20%£572£100 + 20%
AA Insurance Gold Plus£5,00055%£493£100£617£100
Saga Super f£5,00055%£580£70 + 15%£874£70 + 15%
The Co-operative Insurance Select Plus d£5,00051%£357£85£447£85
Helpucover Classic d£4,00048%£342£100£463£100
Pet Protect Lifelong plus e£4,00047%£222£100 + 20%£288£100 + 20%
Petplan Classic£4,00046%£454£110£617£110
Leisure Guard Lifetime£4,00040%£232 g£115£257 g£179
Per condition (Non-Lifetime Cover)
More Than Classic£8,00064%£332£75£600£75
Esure/Sheilas' Wheels Pet Plus h£7,50063%£440£75 + 10%£605£75 + 15%
Sainsbury's Bank Premier a£7,50063%£434£75£589£75
Tesco Bank Extra £7,500£7,50062%£447£65£522£65
Healthy Pets Gold£7,50061%£466£85£881£85
RSPCA Gold£6,50060%£693£75 + 10%£1,084£75 + 10%
Direct Line Extra£6,00049%£196£80£314£80
Virgin Money Accident and Illness Extra£6,00049%£172£80£361£80
LV= Premier£5,00047%£305£60£393£60
AA Insurance Gold£5,00046%£393£100£491£100
Tesco Bank Extra £4,000£4,00043%£430£65£503£65
Healthy Pets Silver£4,25039%£393£85£743£85

Information correct September 2013 

Table notes

  1. Maximum age for acceptance is 8 years
  2. Maximum age for acceptance is 9 years and 11 months
  3. Collected once per condition, not per condition per year
  4. Maximum age for acceptance is 8 birthday, or 5 for specific breeds
  5. Maximum age for acceptance is 7 years 11 months or 5 years and 11 months for specific breeds
  6. Maximum age for acceptance is 7 years 11 months
  7. Premium includes a 35% introductory discount
  8. Maximum age for acceptance is 10 years and 11 months

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