Top five best kettles


Top five best kettles

by Matt Clear

We reveal the best kettles in five different categories, including the best cheap kettle and our top-scoring energy saver.

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We've tested hundreds of kettles, so that you know which are winners and which to avoid. But in case you don't have time to whittle down the choice for yourself, we've rounded up some of our favourite top-scoring Best Buys in the table below.

Each of the kettles recommended in our table has aced our rigorous lab tests, which include in-depth assessments of boiling speed, noise, usability and energy use. We've included our top picks from five different categories, so whether you're looking for an ultra-quiet kettle, a top energy saver or a super-speedy model, there should be something for you.

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Top five kettles
 Our verdictSpeedNoiseScore

Best cheap kettle

This bargain-priced kettle has large, clear water windows on both sides, making it easy to see how full it is from almost any angle. It boils quickly, doesn't make much noise while boiling and has an effective limescale filter.

You won't find a better kettle at this price - and we'd even recommend it over more expensive models.

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Best quiet kettle

This is the quietest kettle we've tested in the past six years, so if you're after a kettle that won't cause a commotion then look no further.

It's also fast, taking two and a half minutes to boil four cups of water, and can boil as little as one small cup.

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Best glass kettle

Best Buy glass kettles are rare - this one's better than any other we've tested in recent years.

Its glass body and easy-to-read markings allow you to see exactly how much water is in it, and it's a quick, quiet kettle that doesn't waste energy by forcing you to boil unnecessary extra water.

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Best energy-efficient kettle

You can boil one small cup's worth in this fantastic kettle, and it switches off immediately after it's finished boiling, so there's no energy wasted there either.

And this kettle isn't just good for saving energy - it's the best we've tested overall in the past six years.

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Best kettle for keeping out limescale

Limescale can build up quickly in a kettle if you live in a hard water area, and that can lead to bits of scale in your cup. The filter on this kettle does a great job of keeping scale out, and it's easy to take out the filter to clean it.

It's also very quick to boil, and has different temperature settings that are handy for making drinks such as green tea.

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Why Which? kettle reviews are better

We test kettles more thoroughly than anyone else, and because Which? is independent and doesn't accept advertising or freebies, you can trust our reviews to give you the full, honest and impartial truth.

We check how long each kettle takes to boil, how much noise it makes when doing so, and whether it wastes energy by boiling for longer than necessary. We also inspect each limescale filter to check whether it's well-fitting, durable and effective at keeping bitty scale out of your drinks, and we pour cup after cup to assess how easy the kettle is to lift, fill, carry and pour.

The best kettles boil quickly and quietly, have a filter that keeps out pesky bits of limescale, and have large, clear windows that make it easy to see how much water is inside. The worst kettles make a racket while boiling, require you to boil extra water unnecessarily, and are heavy and awkward to fill up.