Catch up TV ITV Player

Watch ITV TV free online 

The ITV Player online TV service lets you watch most shows from ITV1, ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4 online at the same time as they air on TV. You can also catch up on programmes you've missed from the previous 30 days through your TV with certain TV service providers and game consoles, on the go with Apple and Android tablets and smartphones and online with your computer.

As with rival broadcasters, some ITV Player online TV content such as films, music and sporting events are not available to watch online because of rights issues. 

Many of our Best Buy televisions have smart TV capabilities to let you catch up direct through your television, or else see our guide below on other ways to get it.

You can find out more about how ITV Player compares to other free catch up TV services in our guide to watching TV online

ITV Player on Smart TV and set top boxes

The ITV player is available through Samsung Smart TVs. Most major TV service providers offer set top boxes that allow you to access to the ITV player, including Freesat, BT Vision, Virgin, Youview and Sky. 

ITV Player on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

On the Playstation 3, ITV Player can be accessed by signing into a PlayStation Network account, and selecting the TV icon on the Xcross Media Bar. As with the ITV Player website, the service gives access to content from the last 30 days, free of charge. 

There is currently no ITV Player app on the Xbox 360. 

How to watch ITV Player online TV

Online TV shows can't be downloaded and stored on your computer – you can only stream them directly from the ITV Player website. This means it's important your broadband speed is fast enough. 

The ITV Player works on Macs and PCs running Internet Explorer (PC only), Firefox, Chrome or Safari (Mac only) web browsers.

You'll also need to install the latest version of Flash. For the best viewing experience you'll need at least Flash version 10 installed on your PC or Mac.

ITV Player on tablets and phones

ITV Player is available on Apple's iPhone and iPad, as well as Android tablets and phones through a dedicated, free app. Users can stream content over a wi-fi connection and access all four ITV channels. 

The ITV Player can be streamed over 3G, 4G and wifi. 

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