PC monitors: Buying a new PC

  • Complete guide to buying a new PC - pick the right features for you
  • Expert advice on audio, video and monitors when choosing the best desktop PC
  • Find out the most reliable PC brands on the market
  • What to do if you experience desktop computer problems

What's in this guide

Choosing the best desktop PC

Buying a new PC can be a confusing task. This Which? advice guide explains how to choose the best desktop computer on the market.

Desktop computer processors, storage and memory

Buying a new PC? Which? explains the key features of a desktop PC, including processors, hard drives and memory

Audio and video on your PC

Get started watching movies, listening to music and playing games on your PC

Networks and other PC connections

The plugs and sockets you’ll need to know about to connect and network your PC

Desktop PC accessories

Mice, keyboards and webcams that let you add a personal touch to your PC

Where to buy a desktop computer

The pros and cons of high street versus online when buying a desktop computer

Desktop computer problems

Keep your desktop PC running smoothly with advice on repairs and backing-up data