Desktop PCs: Best Buys Best buy

To choose the best computer brands, we ask thousands of Which? members how satisfied they are, if they've had to repair their computer, and what they think of the after sales support.

In May and June 2011 we surveyed 10,600 Which? Connect online panel members about their computing products - all the score and ratings you'll see are based on their responses. 

  • The Which? customer score is based on owners overall satisfaction with their computer and whether they would recommend the brand to a friend. 
  • The Which? reliability score is based on the proportion of machines that have needed a repair. Scores for each brand are adjusted to account for sample size and product age - so a brand won't be unfairly penalised if a lot of owners have older models.

There are four desktop brands which rated above average for customer satisfaction in our latest survey – Apple, Novatech, Sony and Medion.

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Desktop brands rated above average for customer satisfaction
BrandCustomer scoreReliabilitySupport

Table notes

There must be at least 50 responses for a brand to receive a reliability score. 

Apple gets an impressive 94% in our customer satisfaction measure. It's also rated highly for support, earning a top rating for its after sales service. It's computers are less likely to need repair than many other brands too, with an above average reliability rating. Apple's desktop PCs may look stylish but tend to be more expensive than many alternatives. 

Novatech is popular with customers, achieving a satisfaction score of 80%. It also performs well in terms of reliability with an average reliability rating and gets full marks for its support service. 

Sony The Sony range tends to be priced at the mid-top end of the market, but its machines are well regarded by their owners, as is reflected by its customer score of 80%. Sony scores 85% for reliability, which is an average rating. We didn't have enough responses to rate its support service this time round. 

Medion gets a good customer score and again, an average reliability rating. It doesn't do quite as well for after sales support as Apple and Novatech, only getting an average rating here.  

At a glance: the brands rated most highly by our subscribers

Our unique survey of thousands of computer users reveals which brands to trust – and which to avoid. The table below shows the brands in order of their owners overall satisfaction and likelihood to recommend to a friend.

Customer score for desktop brands
Apple94% 94%
Novatech80% 80%
Sony79% 79%
Medion73% 73%
Dell71% 71%
Acer70% 70%
Asus68% 69%
Fujitsu-Siemens67% 67%
HP66% 66%
Compaq62% 62%
Advent59% 59%
Mesh61% 59%
Packard Bell53% 58%
eMachines54% 54%

Table notes

The average Which? customer score is 72%.

Sample sizes: Apple (722), Novatech (102), Sony (100), Medion (153), Dell (1,725), Acer (290), Asus (48), Fujitsu-Siemens (62), HP (616), Compaq (144), Advent (40), Mesh (156), Packard Bell (149), eMachines (37)