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Which? campaigns

We campaign to make people's lives fairer, simpler and safer. With your support, we get heard.

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Which? campaigns

We campaign to make people's lives fairer, simpler and safer. With your support, we get heard.
Closed campaigns
Campaign history
2007 - Independent redress scheme for estate agents
A paper house built out of complaints

Following the launch of our Move it campaign in April 2004 (including setting up our own estate agency, Cheatem & Ripoff), the government agreed to require all estate agents to be members of an independent redress scheme.

2000 - Stopping banks introducing ATM fees
A broken cashpoint

In February 2000 we campaigned against the introduction of 'direct charging' fees for using cash machines in the Link network. The banks dropped their plans to charge for cash withdrawal, saving you money.

1999 - Great British car rip-off
Price difference between a car sold in the UK and in Belgium

We launched the Great British car rip-off campaign in June 1999, after finding that Britons paid more for cars than EU consumers. We invited you to import your next car using our Carbusters service, saving an average of £4,000 per car.

1991 - Seat belt regulations for adults
An adult crash test dummy

We were one of the organisations that helped to persuade the government to extend rear seat belt regulations to adults as well as children.

1988 - Access to your medical records
Browsing through medical records

We helped patients gain access to their medical records, enabling people to check their records are accurate.

1978 - End to unfair contract terms
Magnifying some small print

Our campaign helped persuade the government to introduce the Unfair Contract Terms Act, which put an end to many of the problems caused by small print.

1967 - Compulsory child car seats
Baby buckled into car seat

We carried out our first full test of child car seats in 1967. Since then, we've maintained our position as the only UK organisation carrying out extensive crash safety tests of child car seats.

1967 - Lead in children's toys
A girl playing with a teddy bear

Children's health used to be at risk from the lead paint used on toys. We campaigned for toy safety regulations to stop manufacturers using lead-based paints, making toys safer.

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