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Which? reveals how to cut the cost of your boiler

The most reliable brands need fewer costly repairs


You can reduce the risk of costly repairs by choosing the most reliable boiler brand

Which? research has found that buying the most reliable brand of boiler instead of an average one can reduce your chance of costly boiler repairs by as much as 11% over a six year period. 

With the average cost of a boiler repair creeping towards £200, this can add up to a significant sum of money during the lifetime of your boiler.

If you bought the least reliable brand of gas boiler, then watch out. In our survey less than 30% were still fault free after six years, compared to 62% for the most reliable brand. 

You can discover which are the most reliable gas and oil boiler brands by clicking boiler brands rated.

Choosing a new boiler

Choosing a new boiler can be complicated and stressful. You normally need to make a quick decision, as it’s not exactly fun living without heating and hot water. And you need to make an expensive decision – a new boiler costs up to £2,000. 

Let Which? help you save you time and money. Our expert reviews will quickly show you the boilers that are the most reliable, and the ones that aren’t. Plus we have all the essential boiler specification you need to choose the right model for your home and needs. 

We’ve got details of 283 gas and oil boilers, along with information including each model’s efficiency, size, hot water output, type and – of course – price. Click to see our full boiler reviews.

Our boiler research

We surveyed over 10,000 of our members who own a boiler so that we could reveal which boilers are best. Our survey, in July 2014, asked them about everything from how satisfied they are with their boiler, to the number and cost of repairs that they have needed to undertake since they purchased it.

Data from our annual survey allows us to generate a reliability score for each brand of boiler based on the frequency and severity of faults, as well as a customer score based on how satisfied owners are with their boiler and how likely they are to recommend their brand of boiler to a friend. Using these scores will give you the best chance of choosing a boiler you will be happy with.

Only boiler brands that have a higher than average reliability and a higher than average customer score are awarded our prestigious Best Buy label.

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