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Which? dash cam group test highlights Don’t Buy models to avoid

Nextbase, Roadhawk, Garmin dash cams reviewed and rated

Dash cam news

We’ve just tested 15 of the latest dash cams, to uncover which you can rely on to help keep you safe on the roads – and could even lower your car insurance premium.

But our test results show that buying a dash cam can be a bit of a gamble, as three models scored so badly that we’ve labeled them Don’t Buys.

Just one model out of the 15 we put under the microscope hit our Best Buy benchmark, earning a respectable 70% total test score. Proving that you don’t always get what you pay for, the newly crowned Best Buy is £129 cheaper than some Don’t Buy-rated models.

Jump straight to our Don’t Buy dash cams page, to find out which models we recommend you avoid.

Dire dash cams

You could pick up one of the newly rated Don’t Buy dash cams for the same price as the Best Buy model, although we’d highly recommend you don’t. Unlike other products, where a poor performer will simply do an inferior job, with dash cams it can mean the difference between you winning an insurance claim or being left out of pocket.

We’ve awarded Don’t Buy ratings to dash cams that produce blurry, grainy or generally illegible footage. If you can’t clearly make out what’s happening, then your insurer or even a court of law may deem your recording inadmissible. With a Best Buy dash cam you can be sure that you’re capturing clear, smooth footage whatever the weather, day or night.

To find a great dash cam that’s right for you, see our exclusive list of recommend Best Buy dash cams.

Is it safe to shop for a dash cam by price?

When it comes to buying gadgets, there’s often a strong correlation between price and performance. But this is not the case with dash cams. The five Best Buy models we’ve recommended over the last few months have an average price of £108, while the 14 Don’t Buys we’ve assessed cost an average of £75. In a market where prices range from £18 to £288, that’s not a huge difference, and only makes your buying decision more difficult.

Our impartial lab tests ensure that every model we review is assessed in exactly the same way, regardless of price. We can help you see past the marketing and big brand names to find a dash cam that’s the perfect combination of price and performance.

How cheap is too cheap? Click to see whether or not you should buy a cheap dash cam.

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