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12 July 2021

Best wood-burning stove brands

Whether you're looking for a multi-fuel or a wood-burning stove, discover which are the best brands – as rated by hundreds of stove owners.
Liz Ransome-Croker
Wood-burning stove with logs stored within it

This year, for the first time, we've asked 1,434 Which? members to rate the company they bought a log burner or multi-fuel stove from. 

It has enabled us to rate big-name brands, including Clearview, Charnwood, Morso, Hunter and Stovax.

Head and shoulders above the rest was an impressive top-scorer with a customer score of 94%. The second-place brand also stood out with 90%. In comparison, the lowest-rated company got 70%. 

Each stove owner was asked how satisfied they were with the stove they bought and whether they would recommend it. We combine these to give you an overall percentage for comparison.

Best multi-fuel and wood-burning stove brands

As well as our customer score, we also asked people to rate their stove for:

  • quality and finish
  • durability
  • ease of using and controlling
  • ease of cleaning
  • value for money. 

The star ratings are based on a seven-point scale, from very poor to excellent, while the customer score is calculated separately from two questions about satisfaction and recommendations, also on a seven point-scale. 

Only logged-in Which? members can access the customer ratings in the table. Not yet a member? Join Which? to get access.

Stove brands customer ratings

Customer score
Quality and finish
Ease of using and controlling
Ease of cleaning
Value for money

Sample sizes:  Aga 32, Arada 84, Charnwood 125, Clearview 179, Contura 41, Esse 35, Jotul 40, Hunter 43, Morso 82, Stovax 209, Yeoman 33 and Woodwarm 37. We need a minimum of 30 people to be able rate a brand on any element, as well as overall.

Visit our dedicated pages on each brand to find out more about the stoves they sell and how they were rated for each area. 

You can also visit our guide to buying a wood-burning stove to read insider tips from stove owners to ensure you get the best for your home.

Buying a wood burner or multi-fuel stove

Buying a stove, whether it burns wood or coal, isn't the same as buying any other standard appliance for your home. If installed or used in the wrong way, it could become a dangerous appliance and pollute our planet. 

There are also regulations around how it should be installed, and the model you choose can affect how well it works for you. 

When we asked people what information they were given when buying their stove, we discovered that a quarter weren't provided with any advice about how to use it safely or efficiently.

A third weren’t told the best fuel to use and nearly half (43%) didn't get advice on which ones to avoid – leaving them potentially using the most polluting fuels.

What’s more, a third didn’t get any information about choosing the correct stove wattage, which could mean wasting energy or being left with a costly stove that fails to heat your home efficiently.

Our research also found that people who bought from a big-name retailer were less likely to have been given information than those who went directly to the brand or an independent store, installer or chimney sweep.

Some people may have got this advice at the point of their stove installation. But, whoever you buy your stove from, we recommend asking for as much information as possible at that time. If you’re not sure of anything, ask for clarification, do your own research and get a second opinion.

We also wouldn’t recommend buying a stove online – just 43% of those who purchased online received this information compared with 71% of those who bought in a physical store. This is unless you have done extensive research beforehand and sought professional advice.

Before you buy, ensure you're clued up by reading our guides below – they all include expert insight and insider tips from customers.

If you're looking for personalised advice from a qualified stove installer, use Which? Trusted Traders to find a recommended one in your area. All our traders have been through our rigorous background checks to ensure that you can have peace of mind.

Which? log burner and multi-fuel stove brand reviews

In January 2019, we asked 1,434 Which? members about the stove they bought in the last 10 years.

The reviews are for wood-burning stoves (also called log burners or wood burners) and multi-fuel stoves, not electric or gas stoves.

Our questions focused on the stove itself, not where they bought it from. This means our ratings are for the manufacturer as opposed to the retailer or installer.

We also asked people about the experiences they had with the company they bought their stove from and had it installed by, as well as their knowledge of important stove information.