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Updated: 30 Dec 2021

Charnwood stoves review

Buying a stove? Find out what Charnwood customers think of its multi-fuel and wood-burning stoves.
Paula Flores
Charnwood wood burning stove next to green chair 480833

We asked thousands of stove owners to rate their stove, allowing us to rank well-known stove companies, including Clearview, Morso, Stovax and Charnwood.

If you need to buy a wood-burning stove, make sure it's from a good brand. 

Two stove manufacturers steamed ahead of the other brands, earning customer scores of 91% and 85% respectively. The stove companies in joint-last place got a customer score of 75%.

Customer scores are calculated by asking people how satisfied they are with a stove and brand and whether they would recommend it to a friend. 

We've also asked customers to rate five important aspects of their stove – including whether it was good value for money and how easy it is to clean. 

Before you buy, make sure you read our guide to wood-burning stoves and pollution

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Charnwood multi-fuel and wood-burning stoves ratings

Our table reveals how Charnwood's 111 customers who took part in our survey rated it for ease of using and controlling, ease of cleaning, value for money, quality and finish, and durability.

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Charnwood survey ratings
Quality and finish
Ease of using and controlling
Ease of cleaning
Value for money

For a full round-up of all the star ratings, visit our guide to the best wood-burning stove brands.

Charnwood log burners and multi-fuel stoves

You can flick through the image gallery below to see a selection of the wood-burning stoves (also called log burners and wood burners), and multi-fuel stoves available from Charnwood.

Charnwood stoves gallery

A large collection of images displayed on this page are available at https://www.which.co.uk/reviews/wood-burning-stoves/article/wood-burning-stove-brands-rated/charnwood-wood-burning-stoves-review-a6n1e1t90I3n

Charnwood wood burners and multi-fuel stoves

Established in 1972 on the Isle of Wight, Charnwood sells both modern and traditional stoves in the UK and worldwide.

It has 11 stove ranges, most of which have at least a couple of different size and colour options. Some of its range are inset or built-in stoves.

Log burner and multi-fuel stoves: Charnwood sells both wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves. A number of its stoves come with a 'converting' or 'reciprocating' grate, enabling you to change the grate to optimise it for that fuel. The converting grate is for new stoves, while the reciprocating one can be retrofitted to wood stoves.

Because fuels burn differently, if you're planning on only burning wood, we'd suggest choosing a dedicated log burner rather than a multi-fuel stove that can also burn other fuels, such as coal.

Other types of stove: Charnwood sells a number of boiler stoves, which enable you to heat your entire house. Some of its stoves can also be connected to a boiler with its 'flue boiler' system.

It claims that this, unlike other connectors from stoves to boilers, utilises the heat from the stove.

Stove wattages: Around 4kW to 12kW.

Efficiency, Eco-Design and Defra-exempt stoves: Many of Charnwood's stoves are Defra-exempt and range in energy efficiency from around 75% to 86%.

If you live in a smoke control area, you will need to either only burn smokeless fuel or, if you want to burn wood, buy a Defra-exempt stove (you can check this on the Defra website) .

From January 2022, all stoves legally available for sale will need to meet more stringent criteria regarding energy efficiency and emission levels. During the transition period these stoves were labelled Eco-Design Ready.

Find out more about Defra-exempt stoves, as well as the effects of stoves on pollution levels in our guide to stoves and pollution.

Many of Charnwood's stoves also have its Quattroflow air management system. It works in a similar way to clean-burn, tertiary or secondary air systems, as they're often called.

Different amounts of hot and cold air are introduced into the stove at specific points to ensure gases and smoke are burned off for maximum efficiency. It should also make the fire easier to manage with one simple control.

Charnwood stove features: 

  • built-in fuel store
  • hotplate for cooking
  • cool-touch handles
  • riddling grate to help remove ash
  • airwash system to help keep glass clean
  • multi-use tool to open, de-ash and empty the stove
  • Quattrowflow air management system, to make the stove more efficient (see above).

You can find out what features stove owners really value and whether they're worth having, by visiting our guide to how to buy a wood-burning stove.

Stove accessories, fuel storage and fuel: Charnwood has a small collection of stove accessories, such as a thermometer and Fairtrade log storage baskets. It doesn't sell fuel. 

Where to buy Charnwood stoves: You can buy Charnwood stoves through a number of stores across the UK, Ireland and France. 

After-sales care and spares: Charnwood has a shop dedicated to spares. There is a one-year guarantee on Charnwood fireboxes (where the fire burns) and three years for boiler stove fireboxes. This can be increased to 10 years if you register your stove online within 14 days of purchase.

Registering any safety appliance with the manufacturer is also useful if there is ever a recall or issue identified with the model. You'll need to service the appliance yearly for the warranty to be valid, which is something we would recommend doing anyway. Our page on using a stove has more information.

Before you buy, it's important to remember that a stove isn't something you can install yourself. It needs to be installed safely and meet regulations.