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Updated: 9 Dec 2021

Morso stoves review

Take a look at what Morso stove owners think of their stove before you head out to buy one of its multi-fuel or wood-burning stoves.
Which?Editorial team
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We've surveyed thousands of log burner and multi-fuel stove owners to find out what they think of popular brands, such as Morso, Charnwood, Stovax and Clearview.

While the lowest rating of 70% isn't a bad customer score, our results show that excellence is possible. Our front runner got a fantastic 94%, with second place achieving 90%. 

It's not just the overall score we have – read on to discover how Morso customers rated its stoves for durability, quality and finish, ease of using and controlling, ease of cleaning and value for money.

Morso multi-fuel and wood-burning stoves ratings

Our table reveals the star ratings from 82 Morso customers for five different areas. Which? members can also find out more about how these stack up against the competition.

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Morso survey ratings
Quality and finish
Ease of using and controlling
Ease of cleaning
Value for money

For a full round-up of the scores for all of the brands we've rated, visit our page on the best wood-burning stove brands.

Morso log burners and multi-fuel stoves

You can flick through the image gallery below to see a selection of the wood-burning stoves (also called log burners and wood burners) and multi-fuel stoves that Morso sells.

Morso wood burner and multi-fuel stoves

Danish company Morso was founded more than 160 years ago when it made a range of other cast iron products, from saucepans to stable windows. It started producing stoves around 1900 for public buildings and then households in the 1950s. Its stoves are still made of cast iron today.

It uses Danish designers to create stoves with a Scandinavian feel. Although its designs are predominantly modern, it does have a number of traditional styles. It also sells inset stoves, which can be built-into a wall (see image below). 

Log burner and multi-fuel stoves: Morso has a wide range of stoves that only burn wood, and multi-fuel models for burning a number of fuels. 

Because fuels burn differently, if you're planning on only burning wood, we would suggest choosing a dedicated log burner as opposed to a multi-fuel stove that can also burn other fuels, such as coal. You can find out more on our wood-burning vs multi-fuel stoves

Other types of stove: Morso has a range of outdoor ovens and grills. It also sells boiler stoves that enable you to heat more than just one room.

Stove wattages: Around 4kW to 10kW.

Efficiency, Ecodesign and Defra-exempt stoves: Many of Morso stoves use what it calls 'radiant heat', secondary, tertiary, convection and combustion air as well as an airwash system to make its stoves efficient and clean. 

In essence, the stoves use different sources of cold and hot air to burn off excess gasses, keep the fire burning and clean the glass. Similar configurations used by other manufacturers are often called 'cleanburn'. Most stove companies also use an airwash system.

As of 2022, EU regulations will stipulate that all newly manufactured stoves must meet higher efficiency levels. Some stoves are being made to these specifications now. These are called Ecodesign Ready.

Many of Morso's stoves are also labelled as Ecodesign Ready and Defra-exempt, and have a Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the Norwegian efficiency standard.

If you live in a smoke-controlled area (you can check this on the Defra website) you will need to either only burn smokeless fuel or, if you want to burn wood, buy a Defra-exempt stove.

Find out more about Defra-exempt and Ecodesign Ready stoves, as well as the effects of stoves on pollution and what you can do to minimise them, by visiting our page on stoves and pollution.

Stove features: Features on Morso stoves include:

  • side windows
  • curved glass
  • built-in log store
  • hotplate for a kettle
  • magnetic lock mechanism on door
  • removable handle for a streamlined look
  • various clean air systems (explained above)
  • convection fan to move heat around the room
  • riddling grate so ash can be removed more easily
  • airwash system to keep the glass clean (mentioned above).

You can find out from stove owners what features they really value and are worth spending out on by visiting our page on how to buy a wood-burning stove.

Stove accessories, fuel storage and fual: Morso has a range of stove accessories, such as wood baskets, tools and even kettles to be heated on top of the stove. It also sells packs of 10 kiln-dried wood logs.

Where to buy Morso stoves: You can buy Morso stoves through a number of independent stove stores across the UK.

Before you buy a stove, it's important to remember that a stove isn't something you can install yourself. It needs to meet regulations and be installed safely. 

After sales care and spares: Morso sells spares for most of its stoves through its website. Its stoves come with a 10 year warranty. You can find out more about how to ensure your stove last longer on our page on using a stove.

Make sure you visit our page on installing a log burner or multi-fuel stove for everything you need to know.