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16 July 2021

Woodwarm stoves review

Before you buy a log burner or multi-fuel stove from Woodwarm, find out what its customers think of its stoves, including their quality and durability.
Liz Ransome-Croker
Woodwarm wood burning stove in living room 480847

We've asked thousands of multi-fuel and wood-burning stove owners what they think of their stove from big brands, including Woodwarm.

The stove makers in first and second place got 95% and 90% – a fantastic customer score, which is derived from a combination of asking stove owners how satisfied they are with a brand and whether they would recommend it.

Our worst-scoring brand came in with 70%. Still not a bad score, but it shows that it's possible to get more for your money.

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Woodwarm multi-fuel and wood-burning stoves ratings

The table below shows logged in members how stove owners rated Woodwarm for quality and finish, durability, ease of using and controlling, ease of cleaning and value for money. 

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Woodward survey ratings
Quality and finish
Ease of using and controlling
Ease of cleaning
Value for money

For a full round-up of the scores for all of the brands we've rated, visit our page on the best wood-burning stove brands.

Woodwarm log burners and multi-fuel stoves

You can flick through the image gallery below to see a selection of the wood-burning stoves (also called log burners and wood burners) and multi-fuel stoves that Woodwarm sells.

Woodwarm stove gallery

A large collection of images displayed on this page are available at

Woodwarm wood burner and multi-fuel stoves

Woodwarm has four main ranges of wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves. Each includes a wide variety of colours and sizes (some are particularly slender, like the one pictured below). It also has inset stoves, where they can be built within a wall or fireplace. Others come with a canopy or hood for a quintessentially country look.

Woodwarm has been in business for more than 40 years and all of its products are handmade in the UK in Devon.

Log burner and multi-fuel stoves: Woodwarm sells a number of multi-fuel stoves and has two dedicated log burner ranges. 

All of Woodwarm's multi-fuel stoves have a riddling grate that it says allows a bed of ash to form, meaning that wood, which needs air from above, can burn as efficiently as other fuels, such as coal, which need air from below. 

Because fuels burn differently, if you're planning on only burning wood, you might want to consider getting a dedicated log burner as opposed to a multi-fuel stove. You can find out more on our wood-burning vs multi-fuel stoves.

Other types of stove: Woodwarm makes LPG and gas stoves, which look similar to its range of Phoenix stoves. Our ratings are only for its multi-fuel and wood-burning stoves. 

If you're considering a gas or electric stove instead of a wood or coal-burning model, our guide will help you to decide which is best for your home. 

Stove wattages: Around 4kW to a massive 20kW. 

Ecodesign and Defra-exempt stoves: Woodwarm has an entire range of Ecodesign Ready stoves, all of which can also be burnt in Smoke Control Areas. Its two Foxfire stoves and a number in its Phoenix range are also suitable for smoke-controlled zones. 

If you live in a smoke-controlled area (you can check this on the Defra website) you will need to either only burn smokeless fuel or, if you want to burn wood, buy a Defra-exempt stove.

As of 2022, EU regulations will stipulate that all newly manufactured stoves must have higher efficiency levels than the current regulations. Some stoves are being made to these specifications now, labelled Ecodesign Ready.

Some of Woodwarm's other stoves have high efficiency levels of around 80%, while others are lower at around 70%.

All of Woodwarm's stoves also feature cleanburn technology, where additional air is heated and circulated to burn of excess gases for efficiency and to keep the glass clean. Its Ecodesign range have the most advanced systems.

Find out more about Defra-exempt and Ecodesign Ready stoves, as well as the effects of stoves on pollution and what you can do to minimise them by visiting our page on stoves and pollution.

Stove features: Features on Woodwarm stoves include:

  • built-in log store
  • cool-touch handles
  • brass fittings instead of standard
  • riddling grate to help remove ash
  • airwash system to help keep the glass clean
  • cleanburn technology for efficiency (explained above)
  • stoves with two windows – one each side (Fireview Double range; see image above).

You can find out from stove owners what features they really value and are worth spending out on by visiting our page on how to buy a wood-burning stove.

Stove accessories, fuel storage and fuel: Woodwarm doesn't sell any stove accessories or fuel, but it does sell a few wood baskets and stands. 

Where to buy Woodwarm stoves: You can buy Woodwarm stoves from a number of dealers across the UK, which it says are hand-picked by Woodwarm. You can use its website to find one near you.

After sales care and spares: Woodwarm sells spares directly to customers. as well as through its dealers. It offers a 10-year guarantee, if you register your stove on its website.

Registering any safety appliance with the manufacturer is also useful if there is ever a recall or issue identified with the model. 

You may need to service the appliance yearly for the warranty to be valid, which is something we would recommend doing anyway. Our page on using a stove has more information.

Before you buy a stove, it's important to remember that a stove isn't something you can install yourself. It needs to meet regulations and be installed safely. 

Make sure you visit our page on installing a log burner or multi-fuel stove for everything you need to know.