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Watch our video to find out how to buy the best lawn mower for you, and how to avoid a dud that will leave you frustrated.


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Video transcript

This quick guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to buy the best lawn mower. We reveal what to look out for as well as those hidden it goes. Have a look at your lawn, is it large or small, lumpy, sloping or flat? Is grass fine course? Do you have a lot of obstacles in your garden such as trees or a pond? Do you have an outside power source?

There's quite a range of lawn mowers to choose from, so it's important to think about what you'll need your lawn mower to do. If have a large lawn, then a patrol lawn mower with a large cutting width will give you the power and flexibility to mow large areas quickly. If you have a lot of obstacles in your garden, opt for a cordless mower.

This could be a petrol or a battery model. To cut a lawn with fine grass, you'll need a cylinder mower. This cuts the grass like scissors, with rotating blades, and plates. Otherwise, a rotary mower with the side like action will be easier to use, especially if you have a occasional patches of longer grass, or don't want to mow your lawn too often.

If you need to cut your grass quite often, you won't need to collect the clippings. You could look for mulching mower, that chops up the grass, and pushes it back into the lawn to rot down. But for most of us, a collecting mower will give us a neat finish, even if we haven't mown the lawn in quite a few days.

Grass box capacity is normally measured in liters, but don't take this at face value. How well the mower fills a grass box depends on the angle of the grass box, as well as how wide the shute is. When we test lawn mowers, we cut the grass until the mower starts to drop the clippings. Then we measure how full the grass box is to give you an accurate picture of how many times you will be emptying it.

We often find that lawn mowers don't fill the grass box up well, and the worse offenders will only fill it up half way before it starts to drop clippings back on to your lawn. You can pay anything from 45 pounds to over 5000 pounds depending on the type of lawn mower, and the features that you want.

100 pound lawn mowers are all about the basics, cutting your grass. They are some good models at these price, but there are some bad models as well, that will leave you with a messy lawn, or struggle with long grass. As a minimum, make sure the lawn mower you buy has a metal blade not a plastic bade.

This will mean that they can tackle clumps of both damp, and tough grass. We'd also advise getting a grass box, rather than just letting the clippings fall, you can keep your lawn healthy, and looking neat without mowing every day. Features to look out for include large back wheels, and I lever to adjust the cutting height.

These will make getting the cut you want much easier. If you've got a bit more to spend, look out for features such as handles with double operating switches, and if you are a fan of the striped lawn, then look for a mower with a roller. Comfortable handles will make mowing less tiring, and the full list indicator on the grass box will let you empty it before any grass clipping start to drop.

If you have to cut your lawn frequently, it may be worth investing in a self-propelled lawn mower that you won't have to push. Corded electric lawn mowers are the cheapest option. Then petrol, or battery lawn mowers. They cost between £ 50 to £250 extra, and the price only goes up if you're looking at ride-on mowers, or robotic lawn mowers.

However, 30% of which members we surveyed told us, ease of use was the most important consideration when they were choosing a lawn mower. So you may want to pay the extra. Battery lawn mowers cost from around £300. So it's a big step up from a corded model in terms of cost, but there is little maintenance needed, and they're light and easy to manuever, unlike heavier petrol mowers.

Hopefully these tips will help you know what to look for in the shops, but to find out which mowers are best buys, head to