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We've reviewed steam cleaners from big brands including Abode, Shark, Black & Decker and Thane and found big differences between the best and worst.

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Independent reviews of hundreds of home appliances, including fridge-freezers, steam cleaners, vacuums, ovens, washing machines and much more.

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Our reviews reveal the best ovens that will heat up quickly, cook your food evenly and be easy to use and clean, all for a great price.

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Essential buying and safety advice on boilers, heaters, air conditioners and boiler servicing.

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Save energy and money by choosing the best energy-efficient products for your home.

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Latest grooming gadgets reviewed, including top-rated shavers and straighteners.

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Philips RQ1280 Shaver

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Ryobi One Plus RHT 600RL hedge trimmer

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The best mattress brands


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Fridge freezers energy costs tool

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lifetime energy costs tool

Discover what a fridge freezer will cost to run over its lifetime as well as how much it costs to buy.

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Don't spend more than you need to on a washing machine

Follow our video guide to find the best value washing machine for you


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Video transcript

If you buy a washing machine that ends up being too fiddly to use, that doesn't actually clean your cloths well, and isn't reliable then doing washing is going to be more painful chore than it needs to be. Keep watching for the key things to think about to guarantee that you get the best washing machine for you. Washing machines can cost anything between 150 pounds, and upwards of 1000. Our tests have found that you can get an excellent model for less than 500 pounds. Ideally we would suggest stretching your budget to at least 300 pounds to get a decent machine, but features are often what adds to the cost. So think carefully about which ones you will actually use. Washing machines can range in capacity from 5 kilograms to 12 kilograms, but the bigger they are then the they're going to cost to run and to buy. A seven kilogram machine is enough space to wash to pairs of men's jeans, three pairs of children's jeans, four men's shirts, two bath towels, three small towels, three tea towels and two pillowcases. You want to avoid a big drum if you don't need it as washing machines work better when they are fuller. However, you don't want to overload it. So, make sure you be able to leave a little space at the top. It's worth noting that the maximum capacity usually only refers to the main cotton program, so other programs may have smaller capacities.

Most washing machines spin speeds are around 1200 to 1400 revolutions per minute, but it can be as much as 1600. Faster spin speeds do mean that you should get more water out of your clothes. However our tests have found that ones with spin speed of 1600 can be less efficient than ones with 1200. A high speed will also add to the costs of the machine and can make it noisier.

All machines have a quick wash which can be useful but some only let you wash a small amount of clothes, say two pairs of jeans. So check before you buy. Some machines will weigh the washing and tell you how long it will take to clean so you don't have to set a time. Delay start or end time settings mean you can set the machine to turn on automatically up to 24 hours in the future, but check before you buy as some are limited to as little as three hours. Wool programs are typically low temperature washes that don't rotate much during the wash so some allow you to clean hand items. Sport programs are designed for micro fiber sports clothing and tackle outdoor and sweat patches. Some, even allow you to clean your trainers. Washing machine energy labels range from A to A . You'd imagine ones with the highest ratings are the cheapest to run and use less water, but we found a plus rated models that costs less. That's because we test machines how most people in the UK use them, on the 40 degree cotton program rather than a 60 degree program that the energy label is based on. Now that we've helped you to choose the right type of machine for you, our reviews will help you find one that will banish stains, that won't use too much electricity, that will be a breeze to use and and won't leave your clothes soaking wet.Which members can log in to see all of our best buy recommended washing machine. Or if you're not a member you can get instant access to all our reviews with a 1 pound trial subscription to Which?