Product reviewsNutribullet and Nutri Ninja head to head

We compare the two most popular bullet blender brands to bring you our verdict on which is best.

Home appliances

The best home appliances

Independent reviews of hundreds of home appliances, including fridge-freezers, steam cleaners, vacuums, ovens, washing machines and much more.

Home appliances

Top dishwashers rated

Miele G5720 SC dishwasher

The best dishwashers remove tough cooked-on grime quickly and quietly. Our Best Buy reviews reveal the best value models.

Small Appliances

The best small appliances

Bake, brew, toast and even sew to perfection with small appliances on test.

Small appliances

Coffee maker kings

Wake up to the right coffee with a Best Buy - we test leading brands, from Nespresso and Krups to Gaggia and Bugatti

Heating, water & electricity

Boilers, heaters, air con and more

Essential buying and safety advice on boilers, heaters, air conditioners and boiler servicing.

Heating, water & electricity

Energy-saving appliances

Washing machine-energy

Save energy and money by choosing the best energy-efficient products for your home.

Bathroom & personal care

Shavers, hairdryers and more

Latest grooming gadgets reviewed, including top-rated shavers and straighteners.

Bathroom & personal care

Experience a close shave

Philips RQ1280 Shaver

Electric shavers are key to a man's bathroom routine - but which really give you a closer shave? Our tests include a full user trial and Best Buy recommendations.


Top gadgets for your garden

From barbecues to leaf blowers, our experts recommend the best gardening tools.


Cutting-edge hedge trimmers

Ryobi One Plus RHT 600RL hedge trimmer

Save time and effort with a cutting-edge Best Buy hedge trimmer. We've put a range of trimmers through our tests - find out which were best and also when and how to trim your hedge.

Home improvements

Turn your house into a home

Expert home improvement advice - from planning a kitchen to employing a builder.

Home improvements

The best mattress brands


See the best and worst mattress brands following our satisfaction survey in to comfort and value.

Fridge freezers energy costs tool

Tools & resources Fridge freezers
lifetime energy costs tool

Discover what a fridge freezer will cost to run over its lifetime as well as how much it costs to buy.


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Nutribullet - is it any good?

It's one of the most popular home appliances around, but is the Nutribullet actually worth buying? Our experts have checked it out.

best and worst supermarkets

Best and worst supermarkets

We asked more than 7,000 shoppers to tell us which supermarkets they love and loathe. See who came top - and bottom - of the shops.


Gardening jobs for August

Midsummer is a good time to trim your hedges, give your patio plants some TLC and raise the blades on your mower.

How to buy the best fridge freezer

Watch our video on choosing a fridge freezer to find out whether to go for a freestanding, integrated or american-style fridge freezer, how much to spend and get access to all of our expert reviews


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