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Updated: 1 Jul 2022

Best mattress deals in the sales

See the best deals, including pocket spring, memory foam and hybrid mattresses, from a range of brands such as Dormeo, Emma, Simba and more, carefully selected by Which? experts
Lisa Galliers

It's officially summer, and with the sunshine and warmth come many mattress summer sales. This guide will help you identify which mattress deals are genuinely worth considering. 

Are you getting the best night's sleep? Is your mattress starting to sag or soften? Have you owned it for more than 10 years? It might well be time to look at your mattress. 

If you're on the lookout for a new one, our expert pick of the deals this month include some of the most popular brands searched for. We will help you find a decent mattress without paying over the odds. 

Even if you aren't ready to buy now, scroll down the page for our top deal-spotting tips for the future.

  • Already got one in mind? Head over to our mattress reviews to find out how durable and supportive it is following our lab tests
  • For expert advice on shopping in the sales, including how to spot fake reviews, see our sales insider's guide

Best mattress deals for July 2022

Each mattress listed below sores well in our independent testing. All prices are for double mattresses. Prices and deals are correct at the time of writing, but deals end and change at short notice.

Emma The Original mattress, £379.50

The Emma Original mattress
  • Type: Foam
  • We like: Can be used on most bed bases, not overly warm, 200-night trial offer, doesn't need to be turned
  • We don't like: It could be easier to move

The Emma Original – the most popular mattress on the Which? website – is on offer at the same price as we've spotted it for over the last two months. It's currently £379.50: 50% off. It's a good price in general for a foam mattress, but we've seen 50% off this mattress before. You can save a further 5% by signing up to the Emma email mailing list.

Emma Original is made up of a 18.5cm foam core, with an additional 3cm layer of memory foam and a 2cm layer of ordinary foam. Unlike some mattresses, it doesn't feel too warm when you lie on it.  

We've tested the latest version of this popular mattress. Read our full review of the Emma Original mattress.

Or snap it up direct from Emma

Otty Aura hybrid mattress, £349.99

  • Type: Memory foam and springs
  • We like: 100-night sleep trial, washable cover, feels cool to sleep on
  • We don't like: Bit of a memory effect, which some people might not like

Otty is calling Aura its most affordable hybrid mattress. The current deal sees this mattress on offer for £349.99 (from £699.99). This isn't as cheap as we've seen it previously, but it's still a good deal. 

Inside the Otty Aura, there's a 16.5cm pocket spring core, surrounded by two layers of foam with extra memory foam layers on top that help the mattress contour to your body shape. Despite all the foam, it's cool to sleep on, so it could be a good choice if you tend to feel warm at night. In our tests, we classified this as five for firmness on a scale where one is very firm and 10 is very soft. 

Read our full Otty Aura review to see if this hybrid mattress is the perfect mattress for you. 

Or buy it now direct from Otty

Nectar memory foam mattress, £483.45

Nectar mattress
  • Type: Memory foam
  • We like: 365-night trial offer, extra-long warranty
  • We don't like: Feels warm to sleep on

Nectar's current price for its memory foam mattress is the same as when we checked last month: down to £483.45 (from a stated price of £879). No code needed, though. Don't be distracted by the online countdown timer, which relates to platform bed frames.

Made up of a large 16cm foam core, 3cm of memory foam and 2cm of foam topped off with a quilted cover, this foam mattress feels warm to sleep on, so might not be the best choice if you prefer a cooler-feeling mattress.

Is this the perfect mattress for all sleeping positions? To find out, read our full Nectar Sleep memory foam mattress review.

Or buy it now at Nectar

Dormeo S Plus Evolution, £499.99

Dormeo S Plus Evolution mattress
  • Type: Memory foam
  • We like: Doesn't feel too warm to lie on, 60-night trial offer, free delivery, 15-year warranty
  • We don't like: There is a memory effect when you lie on it, which some people might not like

Dormeo still has the innovative Dormeo S Plus Evolution mattress on offer for £499.99. It's been on offer for £499 a fair few times before, so while the £500 off the stated full price (£999.99) sounds like a decent discount, don't panic about the big orange 'super hot savings' flash. And the Dormeo website is still showing it comes with a free pillow (worth £49.99). 

This 'double' mattress is actually made up of two single cores, both of which have a firm side and a soft side, and are held in place by the removable and washable mattress cover. This means you can flip the single-core mattresses individually to suit the preferences of both sleeping partners. 

Read our full Dormeo S Plus Evolution review.

Or buy it at Dormeo

Eve The Premium hybrid mattress, £592 

  • Type: Foam and springs 
  • We like: One-year trial with no minimum number of nights needed
  • We don't like: No grip handles on the sides

Eve Sleep is offering a 45% discount on its Premium Hybrid mattress, the most popular Eve mattress on which.co.uk, which means you can get this mattress for £592 instead of £1,076. This is a decent deal.

This foam mattress from bed-in-a-box brand Eve Sleep has been updated, so we've tested the latest version. It's made up of a 18.5cm foam core, on top of which are three more layers of foam and memory foam. It has a removable, washable cover. Despite the foam layers, it doesn't feel too warm to lie on. Eve Sleep says this mattress has a medium to firm feel. Our own independent firmness tests agree; we rank it a five on a scale from one (very firm) to 10 (very soft).

Have the updates improved this mattress? To find out, read our full Eve Premium hybrid mattress review. 

Or buy it at Eve Sleep

Simba Hybrid mattress, £599.40 (new customers only)

Simba Hybrid mattress
  • Type: Memory foam and springs
  • We like: 200-night trial, free returns, not too hot to sleep on
  • We don't like: There's a memory effect when you lie on it, which some people might not like

Simba's hybrid mattress is still on offer this month. The current price of a double is now £599.40 (from a stated full price of £999), about £50 more expensive than the deal price offered in May. And, this current deal is for new customers only. While this isn't a bad deal, it's been on offer at this price or cheaper before, so don't panic about buying it. 

The Simba Hybrid is made up of several layers, including a zoned support base, a mini pocket sprung layer and a foam topper. This mattress is delivered vacuum packed in a box to your door and comes with a ‘risk-free’ 200-night trial. If you decide to return it, Simba offers a free return and won’t even ask you to get the mattress back in the box. 

We've tested the latest version of the Simba Hybrid mattress. Read our review to find out if it will give you the support you need. 

Or buy it at Simba Sleep

Tempur Hybrid Supreme, £1,599

Tempur supreme hybrid mattress
  • Type: Memory foam and springs
  • We like: Removable mattress cover, 10-year guarantee, not too warm to lie on
  • We don't like: It's not the cheapest, might be softer than expected.

Even if you've got a bigger budget, it doesn't mean you should miss out on a good deal. We've found this double mattress  at Bensons for Beds and John Lewis for £1,599. This isn't the cheapest we've seen this mattress, but it's cheaper than the price shown at Tempur or other places we've checked.

Is it worth splashing out on this mattress? Read our full Tempur Hybrid Supreme mattress review to find out.

Or buy it now from John Lewis or Bensons for Beds.

When's the best time to hit the mattress sales?

A new mattress can be an expensive purchase. But there are so many deals across the year that it's always worth shopping around to find a bargain. And there's no need to panic buy just because you see one on sale and worry that you'll have to pay full price if you wait. 

Some brands seem to have deals on all the time. Big sales periods include Easter, Christmas, the new year and most bank holidays. Last year, we also saw deals tied into Valentine's Day, Father's Day, summer and even the back-to-school period, plus the usual flurry of special offers and discounts around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Don't assume that just because something's on sale it's necessarily a great deal, though. We spotted offers for some brands over the Christmas period that beat discounts offered during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Want to make sure you buy one to suit your budget? Find out about the best mattresses using our handy guide 

ErgoFlex 5g memory foam mattress

How to get the best deals on specific mattress brands

Whether you're desperate for an Emma mattress or want to swap your old one for a new memory foam mattress, it's worth keeping an eye out for sales on your chosen brand's website. Social media can also be a good place to spot a bargain. 

Offers come and go throughout the year. But, be warned, the deals might not be on the particular mattress you want, so check the T&Cs.  

Make sure you're prepared when the discounts start. Compare mattresses to find out which ones will be a dream and which ones could turn into an expensive nightmare – and don't forget retailers might have other sales happening in store.

Dormeo mattress deals

You might have spotted Dormeo mattresses on TV or ads popping up on Facebook and, generally, we've seen a range of different deals. You'll also spot free gifts such as pillows and duvets on top of existing sale reductions. And, although its mattresses can be found through other retailers, in the past, we've noticed that buying direct from Dormeo can sometimes save you a small amount in addition to any free gifts it may be offering. 

This means it's worth checking its website as a starting point before comparing deals. Over the past year, we've seen sales with up to 60% off.

Read our Dormeo mattress reviews

Emma mattress deals

The Emma Original mattress is one of the most popular reviews on the Which? website. 

This bed-in-a-box brand delivers its rolled-up mattresses direct to your door and offers a sleep trial (currently 200 nights). There are four mattresses in its range and, from what we've seen, a variety of deals are available during different months, so it's worth keeping an eye on its website or on social media. 

Generally, the biggest discount we seen is 45%, but recently we've seen 50% a few times, so this is a good guide if you're after an Emma mattress, but aren't sure when to take the plunge.

Read our Emma mattress reviews

Eve mattress deals

Eve is another bed-in-a-box mattress brand. Mattress deals can be found on the brand's Eve Sleep website or via some retailers, such as Next. Similar to Nectar, Eve also offers a whopping one-year sleep trial so you can try the mattress and if you don't love it you can send it back free of charge. 

Be warned: if you buy an Eve mattress via another retailer, such as Argos, the Eve trial nights might not apply.

As a guide, we've seen deals ranging from 20% to 30% off. Check the T&Cs before you buy, though, as offers can be on certain mattresses only, only if you spend above a particular amount, or for new customers only.

Read our Eve mattress reviews

Ikea mattress deals

You might not see Ikea mattresses discounted, but that's because they're generally good value for money even at full price. We've got 11 of them on our website, ranging from as little as £75 up to around £500, with an average price of just £227. Find out which are the top five most popular Ikea mattresses

Read our Ikea mattress reviews

Simba mattress deals

Simba mattresses arrive vacuum packed in a box to your door and the three in its range currently come with a 200-night trial. Simba offers free returns and its website states that it won’t ask you to get the mattress back in the box for the return journey. We've spotted a range of deals from Simba, offering between 25% and 35%. Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 offered some of the biggest discounts we've seen on these. 

But, as a rule, anything from 30% to 35% is a good deal. Do check the T&Cs, though, as we've spotted there can be some sort of condition, such as a minimum spend or a discount on a particular mattress.

Read our Simba mattress reviews

Mattress store

Are mattress sleep trials worth it? 

Sleep trials – commonly offered by online-only, bed-in-a-box mattress brands – allow you to trial a mattress to see if it is the right one for you. If you don’t like it, you can return it within the specified trial period. 

This can be perfect if you want to try a different type of mattress, but aren’t sure it will be right for you.

A long sleep trial will let you try a mattress across different seasons of a year. And will give you time to adjust to a new type of mattress, particularly important if you’re switching from springs to foam. If you suffer with back pain, for example, it could take quite a while to adjust to a new mattress.

But not all sleep trials are the same and some have strings attached. 

If you're buying a mattress with a sleep trial offer, check the T&Cs before you buy. See how many nights you'll need to keep it for, if you need to use a mattress protector and what you need to do to return it if it's not right for you.

And bear in mind that if you buy from a third-party retailer, the terms of a sleep trial (and whether a sleep trial applies at all) might differ from those that would apply if you bought directly from the mattress brand. 

Where's the best place to buy a mattress? 

To find the best shops to buy a mattress, we surveyed 2,581 Which? Connect panel members in August 2021. We asked how satisfied people were with mattress retailers – for both in-store and online shopping experience. 

Our latest survey rates leading shops, including Bensons for Beds, Furniture Village, Ikea and John Lewis & Partners, when buying a mattress, and online brands including Emma, Eve and mattressonline.co.uk. Only the best mattress retailers get top marks for quality advice and arranging an easy delivery.

Head to our best mattress shops guide to find out where's best to shop.

Where are the best mattresses on sale?

A decent mattress is key to getting the support you need. But don't lose sleep if your mattress budget is small. As we've mentioned above, brands seem to have a fair few sales sprinkled across different months, but retailers will also offer their own deals throughout the year. We've listed some below to get you started.

Argos mattresses

Bensons for Beds mattresses

Dreams mattresses

Furniture Village mattresses

John Lewis mattresses

MattressOnline mattresses

Not happy with your existing mattress? You might be able to return it. Find out how to return a mattress

Can't return it? Find out how to get rid of your mattress, including your options for recycling or donating it.