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7 July 2021

Best mattress deals for 2021

Best mattress deals, including pocket spring, memory foam and hybrid mattresses from a range of brands, such as Dormeo, Emma, Ikea, Simba and many more, carefully selected by Which? mattress experts
Lisa Galliers

Looking for a better night's sleep as the weather warms up? Find out how to get a decent mattress at a dream price with our round-up of the best deals you can find right now. We keep an eye on the discounts so you can avoid a costly nightmare when choosing your next mattress.

Whether you want a traditional pocket sprung mattress, a memory foam mattress or maybe something in between, such as a hybrid mattress, there are plenty of discounts to be had throughout the year. But it can be hard to know which ones are actually worth it, or the right time to buy.   

If you have your eye on a particular brand, or simply need to upgrade your sagging old mattress, our expert pick of the deals available this month will help you find a mattress without paying thousands of pounds. And if you're not quite ready to buy, read on for our top deal-spotting tips.

Unsure which mattress you want? Discover how to buy the best mattress.

Best mattress deals for July 2021

Our mattress experts have been keeping a close eye on the mattress deals popping up over the month to bring you this round-up of the best we've spotted on the most popular brands searched for. Each mattress listed below has scored well in our independent tests, but they may not all be the very best mattresses we've tested. We recommend you check our thorough mattress reviews before you buy, to make sure the mattress is right for you. 

Due to Covid-19, some mattress deliveries may be delayed, so check before you buy. 

1. Emma The Original mattress: 40% off

The Emma Original mattress
  • We like: Can be used on most bed bases, not too warm to lie on, 200-night trial, doesn't need to be turned
  • We don't like: Only available online

It's July, the sun is shining and Emma is offering 40% off the Emma Original mattress once again. So if you didn't take the plunge on investing in this mattress, one of our most popular reviews online, then now could be a good time. The price is reduced to £419.40 (from £699 as shown on Emma's website). The best deal we've seen this year is 42%, but it's been as low as 35% a couple of months ago. It's also available at John Lewis with this discount.

You'll need to use code ORIGINAL40 to get the lower price, though, and the website states this offer end on the 5 July. Don't panic if you don't have the money just yet – we’ve seen multiple offers on Emma mattresses through the years. The mattress is made up of a 19cm foam core, with an additional 2cm layer of memory foam and 4cm layer of ordinary foam, and it's not too warm to lie on, which could be a bonus if the weather hots up.

Read our full review of the Emma Original mattress.

Or buy it now at Emma or John Lewis.

2. Dormeo Octasmart Hybrid mattress: save £600

Dormeo Octasmart Hybrid mattress
  • We like: 60-night trial offer, free delivery, claims to be 100% recyclable
  • We don't like: It's not the coolest to sleep on

The great deals on the Dormeo S Plus Evolution mattress have finally ended, but we've spotted this Dormeo mattress with £600 off. Plus, for a limited time, Dormeo is also offering an extra 10% off, bringing the price down to £599 from Dormeo's RRP of £1,199. This deal comes with free delivery and a free pillow (worth £49). 

This hybrid mattress combines a 10.5cm micro pocket-spring core, topped with a further 6cm foam spring layer and a 2cm covering of memory foam closest to the body. The manufacturer claims to have ‘zoned’ this into three distinct areas, so that it supports your shoulders, back and hips correctly. 

Read our full Dormeo Octasmart Hybrid mattress review.

Or buy it at now Dormeo.

3. Simba Hybrid mattress: 25% off

Simba Hybrid mattress
  • We like: 200-night trial, free returns, not too hot to sleep on
  • We don't like: Only available online

In the space of a month, Simba's 25% discount was briefly replaced with a Father's Day promo (30% off) and a Summer Sale (35% off), but has now dropped back down to 25% until 6 July 6 (according to T&Cs). The mattress price is currently down to £621.75 again, with a full price showing for July at £829. 

The Hybrid is made up of several layers, including a zoned support base, a mini pocket-spring layer and a foam topper. It's medium-warm to lie on, which is about normal so you shouldn't get too hot. This bed-in-a-box mattress is delivered vacuum-packed to your door and comes with a ‘risk-free’ 200-night trial. If you decide to return it, Simba offers a free return and it won’t ask you to get the mattress back in the box. 

Read our full Simba Hybrid mattress review. 

Or buy it at Simba Sleep now.

4. Eve The Original Hybrid: 35% off

Eve mattress_jun19 482271
  • We like: It's not too warm to lie on, doesn't need to be turned, 100-night trial
  • We don't like: Heavy

This hybrid mattress from Eve Sleep is made up of an 11.5cm pocket-spring core, on top off which sits four different layers of foam, including a memory foam layer. The mattress cover is moisture-wicking, says Eve, so this should help prevent you getting hot or clammy. 

Currently, Eve Sleep is offering 35% off the double mattress which brings to cost down to £538 (from £769). Generally the discount on this mattress has been around the 30% mark, and 35% is the biggest discount we've spotted, so now's a good time to buy if you're after this mattress. Eve says the deal is only valid until 5 July. But, based on what we've seen this year, there will probably be another deal along at some point in the future - it just may not be as much as 35%.

Read our full Eve The Orignal Hybrid mattress review.

Or buy it at Eve Sleep Land of Beds now.  

5. Sealy Teramo 1400: 45% off

Sealy Teramo 1400 mattress
  • We like: Doesn't need to be flipped, it's not too warm to lie on, five-year guarantee
  • We don't like: Heavy

This Sealy mattress has been around for a fair few years, but if you're keen to step away from hybrid or foam mattresses it's worth a look. It's also known as the Teramo 1400, Nostromo 1400 and Latex 1400, so it's hard to pin down the best deal. 

It's made up of a pocket spring core with a latex layer designed to improve comfort and support. This layer means the mattress doesn't need to be turned over, which is good, as it weighs 39kg. Sealy says this mattress is soft, and our independent firmness tests ranked it as an eight, where one is the firmest and 10 the softest.

 For July, MattressOnline has dropped the offer price to £594.15 (from June's deal price of £639.95), with a displayed list price of £1,216 (although Next is showing it with a full price of £800). The cheapest we've spotted it previously was £599 and £588.75, so this is a good time to buy.

Read our full Sealy Teramo 1400 mattress review.

Or buy it at MattressOnline.co.uk now. 

How to get the best deals on specific mattress brands

If you're desperate for an Emma mattress, or have your eye on a Simba, or maybe you just want to swap your old mattress for a new memory foam mattress, then it's worth keeping an eye out for mattress sales on your chosen brand's website. Social media is usually a good place to spot a deal. 

From what we've seen, deals and offers pop up throughout the year. But, be warned, the deals may not be offered on the particular mattress you want, if you have a specific one in mind. 

Make sure you're prepared when the discounts start. Compare mattresses to find out which mattresses will be a dream and which ones could turn into an expensive nightmare, and don't forget retailers may have other sales happening in store. 

Dormeo mattress deals

You may have spotted Dormeo mattresses on TV, or ads popping up on Facebook, and generally we've seen a range of deals on offer. Last Easter it was offering free gifts such as pillows and duvets on top of existing sale reductions. And although its mattresses can be found through other retailers, in the past we've noticed that buying direct from Dormeo can sometimes save you a small amount in addition to any free gifts it may be offering. This means it's worth checking out its website as a starting point, before comparing deals. Recently it had sales of up to 60% off.

Read our Dormeo mattress reviews

Emma mattress deals

The Emma mattress is one of the most popular reviews on the Which? website. This bed-in-a-box brand delivers its rolled-up mattresses direct to your door and offers a sleep trial (currently 200 nights). There are three mattresses in its range and, from what we've seen, a variety of deals are available during different months, so it's worth keeping an eye on the website or on social media. We've seen discounts up to as much as 45%, so this is a good guide if you're after an Emma mattress but aren't sure when to take the plunge.

Read our Emma mattress reviews

Eve mattress deals

Eve is another bed-in-a-box mattress brand. Mattress deals can be found on the brand's Eve Sleep website, or via some retailers, such as Next. Similar to Emma mattresses, Eve also offers trial nights so you can try the mattress. Currently there is a 100-night trial, and if you don't love the Eve mattress you can send it back free of charge. We've seen deals ranging from 20% to 30% off, but offers can be on certain mattresses only, so check the T&Cs before you buy.

Read our Eve mattress review

Ikea mattress deals

You might not see Ikea mattresses discounted, but that's because these budget-friendly options are generally good value even when bought at full price. We've tested 13 Ikea mattresses, ranging from as little as £99 up to over £600, with an average price of just £284. Some of them even make the grade as a Best Buy.

Read our Ikea mattress reviews

Simba mattress deals

Simba mattresses arrive vacuum-packed in a box to your door, and the three mattresses currently in its range come with a 200-night trial. Simba offers free returns, and its website states that it won’t ask you to get the mattress back in the box for the return journey. We've spotted a range of deals from Simba, offering between 25% and 35% off, but sometimes we've spotted there's some sort of condition, such as a minimum spend or a discount on a particular mattress.

Read our Simba mattress reviews

couple mattress shopping

When and where are the best mattresses on sale? 

A decent mattress is key to getting the support you need, but don't lose sleep if your mattress budget isn't that big. As we've mentioned above, brands seem to have a fair few sales sprinkled across different months, but retailers will also offer their own mattress deals throughout the year. We've listed some below to get you started.

Argos mattresses

Bensons for Beds mattresses

Dreams mattresses

Furniture Village mattresses

John Lewis mattresses

Mattress Online mattresses

Black Friday sales

Black Friday: the best time to find a great cheap mattress?

A new mattress can be an expensive purchase, but we think it’s always worth shopping around to find a bargain. Mattresses are often on sale throughout the year. It may not be on the exact mattress you want, but it's worth keeping an eye on the retailer and manufacturer websites if your heart is set on something particular.

With this in mind, don't rush into buying anything just to make the most of the sale price. 

While you’ll see a flurry of special offers and discounts as the annual Black Friday period approaches, not all Black Friday deals are good value. We spotted some deals offered around Easter 2021 that matched those offered at Black Friday.

Mattresses are often on sale, and big sales periods include Easter, Christmas , the new year and bank holidays. This year we've even seen deals tied into Valentine's Day and Father's day. Provided your current mattress is still serviceable, it’s worth waiting to find a mattress that will improve your quality of sleep for years to come, and a price that will save you some money, or a deal where you may get a few freebies thrown in.

Whatever you buy, it won’t matter how much money you’ve saved in a Black Friday deal if the mattress you end up with isn’t suitable for how you sleep. Read our mattress reviews to find the perfect mattress for you.

Prices and deals correct at the time of publication. Both may change.