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Best broadband deals

By Jon Barrow

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Best broadband deals

There are so many different broadband deals out there that finding the cheapest one can be daunting. So we've done the hard work for you.

No one likes paying more than they need to. So to save you money we've trawled through all the available broadband packages around to find the best cheap broadband deals on offer.

The three broadband deals highlighted below are the cheapest available if you want the most common type of package – that is a standard speed one (up to 17Mbps) in which you also pay line rental to the same provider. All the packages mentioned include unlimited downloads.

Best broadband providers - these deals may be cheap but that doesn't necessarily mean they're the best. Read our in-depth broadband provider reviews before signing up for any deal. These contain everything you need to know, from our latest satisfaction survey ratings to lab reviews of the equipment they supply.

All package and price information correct as of 26 April 2017.


Cheap broadband deals

Option 1 - SSE Everyday Broadband with Talk Evening & Weekend (18 month contract)

  • Total cost over 18 months: £351 (effectively £19.50 per month)

SSE's deal is straightforward - you don't have to pay all your line rental up-front or pay a fee to be sent your router; instead you simply pay a fixed £19.50 per month for the 18-months of the contract. Broken down this works out as £12 for line rental, £6 for broadband and £1.50 for a calling allowance.

In return you get unlimited downloads plus free evening and weekend landline calls.

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Option 2 - EE Broadband (18 month contract with line rental saver)

  • Total cost over 18 months: £351 (effectively £19.50 per month)

EE's deal won't appeal to everyone as to get it you need to pay all your line rental up front in one huge sum. But if you're happy to shell out £299 in one go then you'll benefit from very low monthly charges.

The deal is structured so that you pay an initial fee of £306 - £299 line rental and £7 postage and packing for your router. You then pay an additional £2.50 per month for your broadband. This gives an effective cost of £19.50 per month over the course of the contract. In return you get an unlimited data allowance plus free calls to UK landlines at the weekend.

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Option 3 - Sky Broadband Unlimited (12 month contract)

  • Total cost over 12 months: £237.83 (effectively £19.82 per month)

Sky's Unlimited package costs slightly more than either SSE's or EE's on an effective cost per month basis. But it only ties you in for 12 months and so may appeal if you're put off by their longer 18-month contracts.

The package costs £18.99 per month plus a one-off fee of £9.95 to send out a router - giving a combined effective cost of £19.82 per month over the course of the one-year contract.

You don't get a call allowance with this package so you'll either have to pay-as-you-go or add a calling plan (prices start from an additional £4 per month) but you do get free access to Sky wi-fi at over 20,000 locations across the UK.

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Get a better broadband deal without switching

You don't have to switch provider to save money. Our latest Which? investigation found that it's easy to save money by simply phoning your current provider and asking for a better deal.

Simply follow our expert haggling tips and ask your provider to match the prices set out above.


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