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Best fibre broadband deals

By Jon Barrow

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Best fibre broadband deals

Want superfast broadband but put off by the price? Our regularly updated round-up can help you find the best deal.

Superfast broadband can be hugely appealing, especially if you're a heavy downloader or share your connection with others in your house. However, it can be very pricey.

To help keep your costs down, we've trawled through all the available superfast broadband deals to find out which offer the best value.

In our round-up below we've listed three of the best cheap broadband deals you can buy. The options are quite different but should help you find a great value package.

But don't just think about cost. Read our best broadband providers guide to see which companies received the highest customer ratings in our latest satisfaction survey.

Package and price information is correct as of 18 May 2017


CHEAPEST DEALS #1: 'Straightforward and cheap - but 18 month contract'

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre - 18 month contract

  • Total cost over the 18 month contract: £475
  • Effective monthly cost: £26.39

Plusnet's prices change according to the length of your contract. This deal commits you for an 18 month period - you can opt for a shorter one-year deal but the cost per month is higher.

The package we've chosen costs £25 per month plus a £25 upfront fee (covering the charges to activate the service and to send out your router). You don't get an inclusive call allowance with the deal so you will either have to pay for any calls you make or add a separate call package (prices start at £4 per month).

Plusnet's prices will increase by £1 per month from 29 June 2017 but even factoring that in this deal is still one of the cheapest on the market.

Plusnet broadband review – see how Plusnet did in our latest customer satisfaction survey.

CHEAPEST DEALS #2: 'Fast speeds, low monthly charges but upfront costs'

Virgin Media Vivid 100 - 12 month contract (line rental saver option)

  • Total cost over 12 month contract: £372
  • Effective monthly cost: £31

This option from Virgin requires you to pay £216 upfront so won't appeal to everyone. But if you're happy to pay that amount in one go then you'll be rewarded with low monthly charges and lightening fast speeds.

The deal normally costs £32 per month plus a £20 activation charge, giving an effective monthly cost over the first year of £33.67. But if you pay £196 line rental in advance (plus the £20 activation fee) you'll only have to pay £13 per month for your broadband service, giving an effective monthly payment of £31.

In return you get download speeds of up to 100Mbps - most rival packages only offer speeds of up to 38Mbps - plus free weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile numbers.

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CHEAPEST DEALS #3: 'Vodafone mobile customers only'

Vodafone Unlimited Fibre 38 - 18 month contract

  • Total cost over 18 month contract: £451
  • Effective monthly cost: £25.06

The standard cost of this Vodafone broadband package - £28 per month plus a £1 one-off fee (giving an effective monthly cost of £28.06) - is pretty good value. But the £3 discount available to Vodafone mobile customers brings the effective cost down to £25.06 per month, making it even more appealing. 

In return you get speeds of up to 38Mbps though you don't get any inclusive calls so will either have to pay as you go or add a calling package (prices start at £4 per month for free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines).

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Haggle to get the best broadband deal

If you're happy with your existing provider, you don't have to switch to get a better deal. A recent Which? investigation found it's easy to save money by simply phoning your current provider and asking for a better deal.

Simply follow our expert haggling tips and use the prices outlined above to show the better deals available with other companies.


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