Switching ISP

Broadband: How to get the best broadband deal

  • How to get the best broadband deal for you
  • A step-by-step guide to making the switch
  • How to work out how much data you need

What's in this guide

How do I choose a broadband deal?

The Which? guide to everything you need to know about choosing the best broadband deal for you, including cheap and high-speed broadband deals.

How to get the cheapest broadband deal

A guide to getting the cheapest broadband deal, with our verdict on introductory offers and saving money by focusing on essentials.

How to get the fastest broadband deal

The Which? guide to getting the fastest broadband deal, covering fibre technology, introductory offers, actual speeds and traffic management.

Broadband speed - which is best for me?

The Which? guide to what sort of broadband speed you should expect, looking at what factors affect speed, and the different packages available.

Step-by-step - how to switch broadband provider

If you want faster broadband speeds or cheaper internet, the Which? step-by-step guide can take you through switching broadband supplier.

Unlimited broadband - how much data do I need?

Use our tool to find out if you need an unlimited broadband package or if a smaller and often cheaper data package will be enough.

What type of broadband can I get?

This Which? guide looks at the different types of broadband available in the UK, and the merits and drawbacks of each.

Do I need mobile broadband?

What is mobile broadband? How does it work? We explain the basics of using USB modems to get the internet on the go or when abroad.