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Video-editing software: Transfer VHS video to DVD

  • How to convert your old video recordings to DVD
  • A simple process that can save you money
  • Video guide shows you two ways to transfer from VHS to DVD

Converting VHS video tapes to DVD

If you have old video recordings on VHS tape, you might like to convert them to DVD so you can play them on your DVD player, DVD recorder or laptop

DVDs take up less space so they are easier to store and send, and they’re more durable than VHS cassette tape. DVD recordings are also more versatile and not susceptible to wear and tear when regularly watched. 

VHS to DVD conversion isn't very difficult, and can be very rewarding. Watching old VHS tapes converted to DVD on a large LED, LCD or plasma TV can bring back a lot of fond memories.

One way you can convert your recordings is by paying a company to do it for you, but if you have several recordings you wish to transfer to DVD, it's more cost-effective to convert them from VHS yourself. Video transfer companies charge about £6 per VHS tape. 

In this short video, Which? shows you two ways of converting VHS tapes to DVD, and explains the kit you need to buy. 

Video: Convert VHS to DVD


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Issues to consider

Be aware of a couple of issues before you start.

  • A DVD copy of a VHS tape won't be able to improve on the picture quality of the original VHS tape, but with VHS video recorders now obsolete at least making a DVD copy will mean that precious video memories will remain playable for longer
  • Most commercial VHS videos of films feature copy protection which will mean it's not possible to copy them to DVD. In this case, it's likely to be cheaper for all but the rarest of films to buy the DVD version, or download a digital version online.

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