Having a home birth

Considering giving birth at home? Read our advice to find out more about safety, preparing for a home birth and what happens if things don’t go to plan.

  • Planning a home birth – your top questions answered

    6 min read

    Our practical guide to arranging a home birth helps you to consider the realities of having a home birth – from the size of your flat to making arrangements for other children and pets.

  • Home birth checklist

    4 min read

    Giving birth in your own home requires a bit of preparation. From the birth pool to extra towels, we list the things you may need to have ready before going into labour.

  • Having a home water birth

    6 min read

    From the strength of your floor to the costs of the birth pool, find out everything you need to know about having a water birth in your own home.

  • Is a home birth safe?

    5 min read

    Find out how safe a home birth is likely to be for you based on whether this is your first baby or not and if you’re at higher risk of complications.

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