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Washing up liquid beats carpet cleaners

The liquid beat many stain removers, Which? found

Spilt wine

Which? tests have revealed that ordinary washing-up liquid outperforms many carpet stain removers.

In our tough tests of 17 popular carpet stain removers, we daubed pale carpet with black coffee, diluted Ribena, red wine, chocolate spread, curry sauce and blood. We tested the stain removers when the stains were fresh, and when they were dried in.

Although our Best Buys had the edge with some stains, the washing-up liquid solution was as good or better on blood and fresh Ribena and did a terrific job on red wine. Only chocolate spread and dried-in coffee defeated it, and our Best Buys did slightly better on these stains.

Stain remover results

We also tested the stain-removing properties of soda water. Overall, it had nothing on washing-up liquid. 

Although the soda water was good at removing blood and fresh Ribena, it didn’t match the specialist products on the other stains.

We’ve published our full findings in our review of carpet stain removers.

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