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New biomass boiler that runs on logs or pellets

Euroheat brings new wood-powered boiler to the UK

Biomass boiler

Euroheat has become the first company to launch a boiler that can burn wood and wood pellets in the UK market.

Wood heating systems – technically known as biomass systems – burn organic fuel, typically wood pellets, chips or logs, in a boiler or stove to provide heat and hot water.

The TDA Termodual range of biomass boilers from SHT-Austria can burn both logs and pellets – and can switch between the two types of fuel automatically.

They come in a range of sizes from 15kw-40kw, and are likely to be most suitable for homes in rural locations.

Wood heating systems

Using a biomass heating system reduces your dependence on traditional fuels, such as gas and electricity.

Which? boilers expert Lizzy Ruffles says: ‘Biomass is considered a carbon-neutral source of energy. Although it produces carbon dioxide when it’s burnt, it only releases roughly the same amount it absorbs while growing.

‘If you‘re not connected to the mains gas network, a wood heating system could be a good option for central heating and hot water if you don’t want to use electric storage heaters or an oil-powered boiler.’

Our home heating systems guide has more information about installing a biomass heating system, including how much it should cost to run.

Thermodual offers increased flexibility

The TDA Termodual range’s ability to burn both pellets and logs offers more flexibility to those with suitable homes for a biomass boiler.

When home owners are in they’ll be able to load their boiler with wood. If they go out and want their heating to continue then the boiler automatically switches to burning pellets once the wood has run out.

Thermodual biomass boiler specifications

The Thermodual will hold 130kg of pellets, which means that you should get around 36 hours of automatic operation – the equivalent of about four or five days of use. The range of Thermodual boilers are self-cleaning and are 93% efficient. 

Which? has tested more than fifty boilers, including six oil-powered models – to find out which are the most efficient and easy to use read our full boilers review. We’ve also got a guide to wood heating systems, including information about energy savings and installation.

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